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18 March 2019 Travel time: with 03 March 2019 on 10 March 2019
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The purpose of the trip to Poland was not exactly touristic, but that's exactly what it was necessary to say at the border (to avoid unnecessary problems). And so it happened. The preparations were fast - they were waiting for me in Gdansk!

It was decided not to go by bus, as the majority of Sobatchan goes, so as not to stand on the border of 5-10 hours (without amenities). I bought a ticket for the Intercity train "Kyiv - Przemysl" on the Internet for 854 UAH. I decided to take the first class in order to be less tired on the road (and because a VIP-hall was attached to the railway in Kyiv as a bonus). The route was difficult - to get to Kyiv in the evening (by minibus), then by metro to the railway station and waiting (all night). Then by train Kyiv - Przemysl and then by train (train) to Gdansk for another whole day. From the north of Ukraine to the north of Poland is not in a straight line. Of course, there are planes and only an hour or so (there are tickets for 10 euros, but you need to catch it). But, this is for those who fly without luggage with small hand luggage (for example, Vizear: 40x30x20).

                                                                                                                                                                         . Thanks to the VIP room, which does not work conveniently, but at least somehow: a technical break from 23:00 to 00:00.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                " There are amenities. There are tables near some places and sockets for gadgets near each place (in the second class, sockets are worse). The chairs are comfortable and spacious, everything is as it should be. They even offer tea (for money). Of course, Wi-Fi, which periodically disappeared along the way. Travel time: 7 hours.

Intercity Grade 1

                                                         . It was calm enough. The Poles rummaged through the backpack (they ignored the bag), asked for vodka and “shmal” (smoke, apparently), they have it expensive. They asked the purpose of the visit, I "honestly" said tourism. A biometric passport with visas from other countries and visa-free travel to Poland is a reason to travel.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 . If you got here on Sunday, then there is no escape from longing. Deserted. Everything is closed! In addition to churches and kebab houses (of which there are a lot in Poland). And this is good, because you need to eat somewhere.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      — Near the small but nice railway station there is also a bus stop to all directions: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. Most passengers use this to avoid spending a day in Przemysl. Everyone is leaving.

                But, I decided to take the Przemysl-Kolobrzeg train. And she was leaving in the evening, so I had to walk a little around the neighborhood, however, without any pleasure (only for the sake of food). Kebab "duzhiy" (possible for 2 people) - cost 20 zlotys.

Big kebab

On weekdays, a train ticket to Gdansk costs PLN 105 (2nd class).

In general, most of the time had to spend in the station's waiting room (there was a police chaired homemade) and in the evening finally managed to leave Przemysl.

Station in Przemysl

2nd grade wagon is quite comfortable, divided by some savings, on 8 seats.

Coupe 8 seats

Unfortunately, a ticket did not get the window, but since the passengers were constantly changing (they came out and included all night), the coupe was not completely filled. I managed to doze off in fits and starts. The rest of the time I played with the phone and listened to the chatter of Pole neighbors. By the way, there were no problems with understanding the language. They also understood me perfectly in Russian (although I tried to use Polish words and phrases - thanks to the translator on the phone). Well, the important thing is that the common people widely use not normative vocabulary (ours, of course), but their word "whore", generally a connecting element (such as prepositions and conjunctions). But the customs officers do not speak clearly, I had to ask again. And those that announce trains at the station are not at all legible: bububu pochong, bububu pochong. Be careful, because the tickets do not immediately show which platform and you can miss your train. Well, the merchants always try to please you and make out your gibberish, communication with them happens without problems. Please barzo!


Station in Gdansk

I did not think I would spend much time here, but the circumstances turned out exactly as they did and one more country, one more city, one more sea was added to my collection.

The station turned out to be modest compared to Przemysh, but more (inside - just bleached walls).

from the station, I immediately went with things to the employer. A small company (logistics, service stations, car parts, etc. ) on the outskirts of the city, very far from the sights and the sea. I spent most of the day waiting with them. Everyone who lives and works in Poland says that the Poles work "for slaughter", a lot, and zealously. But, it wasn't like that. Employees appeared at 9 am, drank "kava" and slowly began to do something. Then the owner appeared in a sports car and began to quickly resolve issues (including mine), however, the presence of the owner somehow did not affect the speed of work of other employees. Everything was done "thoughtfully and deliberately. " It was the same in the hostel - the hostess arrived at 10, left at 17-00. There were no workers to be seen. But there were surveillance cameras all around.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In general, the owner ordered me to be sent to a hostel so that I would not be an eyesore. And his employees on some kind of tow truck brought me there. I will not recommend this hostel to anyone, as it is on the outskirts and is not suitable for tourists. It's for the hard workers. It also looks like a cemetery nearby from the outside, but everything is there inside.

Window view

                   For a place in an 8-bed room with hard workers who drink and watch TV until late, it will cost 20 zł . I wanted to sleep peacefully and without extreme sports, so I took a place in a room for 3 for 50 zł . There is a kitchenette and TV, and a toilet and shower. I spent most of the time in my room by myself. Except for one day, when a guy from Ukraine arrived, who almost immediately left to work as a driver (it's amazing that he was able to bring a large bag of potatoes and a large piece of bacon with him from Ukraine).

In general, the issue with housing somehow decided to resolve the issue with work. There were some strange reception days in uzhonde (government agency) (Monday, Wednesday). Every day they delayed issuing my permit, and my visit to Poland did not end. It was stupid to lose these days, besides, I had to look around and stock up on food.

On the map, I found the nearest outlets: Lidl, Carefour, Netto and Biedronka. If you are a budget traveler, you will probably try to spend as little as possible on food. And in a cafe, such a number will not work. So you need to stock up in stores (and if your hostel has a kitchen, like mine, then everything is very simple).

In addition, the food is so well in their stores (for one meal) and so many different options for which a sandwich can be made that it is just wonderful. In general, prices are the same as in Ukraine (with the exception of eggs, which are more expensive).

My impressions of these online stores:

- Biedronka: for wholesale "purchases", for very economical or budget visitors. Although there is everything - food, household goods, clothing. I was amazed that potatoes are sold there in bags, and not by weight (although, maybe I got it).

- Net: type for expired goods. But, actually no. I did not find a single pate with an expired expiration date, and the expiration date was the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

- Lidl. A good wholesale store of everything, I really liked both the prices and the assortment. For example, there is now a promotion for women's jackets at a price of about 50 zł . I bought myself a pair of sweatpants (forgot at home) for - PLN 60.

- Carifur. The most expensive and the most assortment. Huge rooms, everything is calculated that you will arrive by car.

Gdansk himself, very large (it seems 6 rating of Poland cities). Walking here is very long, hard and boring. If you go from the outskirts, then your route will not be very scenic. Between residential areas there are wastelands, gardens, technical facilities (such as a hundred or workshops). In addition, the path from south to north turned out to be very hilly, which I did not suspect at all. I had to sweat under the wind and snow-rain.

Big City

It is better to travel by public transport. It's almost flawless here - everywhere and everywhere. But, it costs money. It would be better to have your own car, of course, but. . .

On my first full day in Gdansk, I didn’t go anywhere especially (quickly for food), because the weather was disgusting - snow and rain in my face because the wind was simply “stunning”. Literally. The weather here is just awful, changing every 40 minutes. Or permanent clouds with precipitation. Plus wind, wind, wind. The desire to live by the sea decreased every day.

The next day I had to extend the hostel, because, "Kuva Uzhond" (as the employer shouted), he did nothing again. Time appeared and I went for a walk somewhere in the center. Since I did not specify all the sights in advance, it turned out that I saw the side streets of Gdansk, and not the tourist trails.

He also photographed ordinary houses in which people live. Mix of old and new.

High-rise buildings


Frame structures

Many streets are similar to Lviv ones.


Many houses on three and two windows (as it should).

Toy houses

Yan Sobiessky, not Bogdan

                                     Nice parks.

Park or square

There are remains (walls and towers) of ancient fortifications throughout the center.

Old walls

There is an old mlyn (mill). And an old crane for unloading cargo ships. See the sights of Gdansk in the section.


Everything is very pretty and cute (except for the weather).


came to full and making a few "procurements" went to his "despair" to rest.

And the next day did not bring certainty. But the weather improved (there was no rain, only a terrible and piercing wind). It was decided to see the sea!



                                                                                                                                To get there.

The ticket from the stall and from the machine are different

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      " Tickets are different in appearance (from the "ATM" is simpler), but all are valid.

And I was waiting for one discovery - so just the tram does not open! You can stand at the bus stop for a long time and hypnotize the tram doors, but fig he will open them for you! You have to press the button! Not only to get out, but also to get in! By the way, the same applies to some traffic lights. There can be 3-5 of them right away, which is right along the crossing route (it can be difficult to cross the street) and suddenly one of them with a button! I crossed three automatic ones, everything is fine, and here’s a surprise for you - you won’t press, you won’t leave the “safety island” and you won’t be able to cross a street with heavy traffic. Conclusion - you should always look for the right button!

Tram stop

Well, a few more words about trams. Stops are announced, but next to the opera, suddenly, instead of announcing a stop, the tram begins to “perform” the aria “toreador! ”. Merry men, however.

And they have weird end stops. We are used to the fact that we have the final one (it is usually the landing one). There isn't. And the final one is framed in such a way that people should be waiting for landing here under the visor. But no! People came out and left, but the visor remained on its own and confuses the newcomer with its appearance. While I figured it out, I missed two trams. Well, I’ll say right away that I didn’t go out where I needed to, so I didn’t see one of the “famous” wooden (free) pontoons in the Baltic nearby.

                BZHEZHNO (Coastal).

Map of the Park in Beregovoy

I do not know the area is Gdanska, a suburb or a separate settlement, but he is at sea.

This is a really great beach. Lots of seagulls to feed. But be careful - they are "bomb throwers" and can ruin your appearance.

Pier in the distance

Couples here are more than raven in a non-seaside city and they are very disgusting to yell.

Beautiful beach and seagulls

In general, walked by the sea - here is warmer than in the city and less wind.

But, water, of course, cool, bother the desire did not appear.

The beach is beautiful, sandy, wide. But, it's hard to believe that you can sunbathe and swim here, because you can't believe in a warm summer right here.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Now. Close doesn't mean close. The sea does not mean that you can swim in it all the time. . . And how long is that summer?

Cold and wind helped to quickly return to the hostel, dinner and go to sleep, before returning the poles to the next room and start drinking and have fun.

              And what about the next day? Yes, the bureaucracy did not disappoint - there are no documents! It's time to get depressed. The neighbor successfully settled down and drove off with his bacon and potatoes on a typewriter to travel around Europe. And all because in advance I “bought” an invitation to any job, got a work visa, and then changed my place of work on the spot. But according to the "visa-free" as it turned out, you need to wait a working week (5 working days and more calendar days) in order to get permission to work a little....and at this time you live and eat everything that you brought with you.

What can you do? Stupid stay in a hostel? Of course not! We must once again take a walk around Gdansk, since such an opportunity has fallen. Having studied the information on the net, it turned out that I deftly avoided all the sights of the city: Long Street (D? uga) and the Long Market, Town Halls, Neptune's Fountain and the house (yard) of Artus (Dwó r Artusa), the Royal Way between the Green and Golden Gates, etc. I saw the Basilica of the Virgin Mary from afar, and now I need to take a closer look.

And so - I saw you, the heart of the old Danziga! (details in Attractions)


Long Market

View from the embankment

Build houses on the embankment in the style familiar to the city - do not spoil the old days

Royal Route

Of course, not all, because the weather was not the best, but maybe against the backdrop of gloomy clouds the city looks quite gothic and contrasting. But, it would be better to come here in the summer so that there is no discomfort from bad weather. Half a year bad weather, half a year nowhere. . .


It was an interesting and instructive trip. True, I did not succeed in becoming a worker. While waiting for the decision of the uzhonda, the employer's situation changed. And in order to start working, I had to wait for my “new” workplace (car) when it arrived from the voyage and was repaired. Because a lover of potatoes and bacon left on “mine”. And I was no longer interested in waiting (and how long? ). Uncertainty got, and the remaining 100 zlotys, this is for 2 days in a hostel. Calling other places, it turned out that, in principle, they could have taken on a “simple” job, but now they have nowhere to settle.

                 In general, I went home in the same order as I arrived.

And I looked at Poland in the daylight. You can live here, but. . . How?

From the train window


On the weekend, the ticket from Gdansk to Przemysl is PLN 18 less! This was good news! Only, such a "preferential" ticket cannot be returned! The lady at the box office asked me several times if I was really going, because such a ticket cannot be returned. I assured her I was going!

And I ended up in Przemysl again for the weekend! What a punishment! Again, emptiness and desolation. Yes, there are no tickets for Intercity yet. There are none even to Lviv! Another day (or rather a night at the station) in Przemysl? Toilet at the station - PLN 2.5! Yes, not to life!

I had to cross the border on foot. Rather, a bus with a Ukrainian driver took me to the border for 2 zlotys. There they showed me the direction - go past the market street, past our aunts who sell cigarettes (they run from Ukraine to Poland and wear cigarettes). And there is already a pedestrian crossing. No queues.

I was promised a minibus to Lviv on the Ukrainian side, but there were none. Maybe because of Sunday? In short, some guy gathered me and 2 other people, loaded me into his car and we rushed to Lviv. This pleasure cost 200 UAH. (for 70 km. ) Then I was looking for buses to Kyiv near the Lvov railway station. Nobody could tell where it was. Even the landmark "Pizza24" was not conspicuous. Well, in general, in the end, everything worked out - they quickly loaded and rushed. Ticket Lviv Kyiv on the bus cost 470 UAH.

. And perhaps that was the most unpleasant part of the trip. An unexpectedly short trip, but interesting. . . Where else would you like to go to work? : )

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