Autumn in Poland

14 November 2019 Travel time: with 18 October 2019 on 23 October 2019
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This story, like many others, began about a year ago. Our good friends invited us to stay with them for a week in Krakow. The kids will have fun, and why not fly once more? It's decided, we got the tickets. A year behind, the whole family of friends suffers from viral tonsillitis. Everything is starting to point to the fact that it is not necessary to go. UIA flights have already been shifted and, accordingly, you can fully refund the money for tickets, losing 19 euros on one Viseira ticket, which was taken so that I could arrive before the start of the working day.

Before the trip - a day, housing is unreasonably expensive. Booking is also going through with some complications. You can significantly shorten the trip, but then there will be only a day in Krakow. And in general, we have already been to Krakow more than once. But the most important point is that this is not about the thing that needs to be returned to the store, but about the journey. And canceling a trip is not comme il faut! It's decided, let's fly anyway!

About a year and a half ago, Misha said that he wanted to see Krakow. We decided to make this trip a surprise, about which he knew nothing for a whole year. Dasha simply offered to fly to Boryspil in the evening to see how planes fly. There are things that Misha will definitely never refuse: ride a tram, look at trains and look at planes. Moreover, a possible future pilot can already begin to study take-off trajectories.

We got to the very border control. Dasha discreetly turned on the video recording, and I suggested to Misha a brilliant plan: "Listen, let's instead go to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it's better to fly to Krakow! " Misha was literally numb and with an adult decisive goal he said that he agreed. I clarified whether he definitely agreed, Misha confirmed again. Then there was the question of what kind of aircraft model we are going to fly, with whom and when. I say right now. It seems to me that Misha, when he was sitting on the plane, did not fully realize how it happened that we were flying to Krakow.

But Misha is used to it, I somehow took him to a kindergarten, and at the last moment suggested that instead of a kindergarten, he should go for a ride on the tram and go to McDonald's for french fries (I had a day off then). Somehow Dasha took him to kindergarten on Sunday, the first of April. In general, Misha is not bored with us.

On the plane, one woman asked where exactly we were going and just to Krakow? Dasha and I were a little surprised, then she said that she was reading our stories) The whole flight I shone brighter than the moon. Even when they went to bed in Krakow, the light of my radiance prevented Dasha and Misha from sleeping.

Oitsovsky National Park

Here it is, the golden autumn of this year! Without your car, you need to get to the park by buses with transfers. And one of them goes every 2.5 hours on weekends. When we were driving to the park, we miraculously got to a stop two minutes before the bus. We did not hope that we would be lucky on the way back. By the way, they did the right thing. The park is really impressive and just perfect for meeting the golden autumn.

I have already written more than once that I respect Poland for how much nature there is. And even this time Poland did not disappoint. The first thing that caught my eye was the abundance of mushrooms. I don't think they were edible mushrooms, otherwise there couldn't have been so many.

But the density was so high that sometimes they were accidentally stepped on. The park is very spacious, with many paths and even mountains. If you are tired of admiring the lowlands, you can climb the mountain and already look at everything from a height. Moreover, the park has restaurants for every taste and budget. Most often, the famous local fish is prepared in restaurants, but the line that needs to be defended for fish is incommensurable with the number of days on our trip. I had to refuse fish and be content with pizza and dumplings.

The park itself makes a really strong impression. Here tourists arrive by plane in Katowice and go to Krakow, and it would be better to Ojtsov. As nature lovers, we really enjoyed it.

But there is a slight difficulty: there is practically no connection and, accordingly, there is no Internet, buses run at very long intervals on weekends. When we decided that we had walked up, the park did not let us go. The next bus is over two hours away. Krakow is 20 km away on foot.

We have already mentally prepared for a long march towards Krakow. But one Pole advised us to go even further. Three kilometers away is the town of Skala. There are more chances to catch the bus. While the man explained all this to us, two Indians at the bus stop looked at us hopefully. I translated to them that there is two news: the bus will still be, but in two hours, but in another city it will be faster. Well, the Rock, so the Rock - go ahead!

The trip to another city took over an hour. We came to a stop, the Indians too. A car drove up and the driver dropped off three more Indians. Then a bus came and even there were native Indians sitting there. And this morning we took pictures at the beginning of the park, also with Indians. In general, it was a Polish park with Indian notes. In principle, that Indian did not plan to take a picture with me, but he was sitting on the pavement in front of the photographer and he clearly lacked one Ukrainian back to back for symmetry. After all, we are one Indian family and all that. While riding in the minibus, we took a short nap, after which we were ready to continue to stay awake.

We traditionally had dinner at the Milky bar. We decided to look at his rating on Google - 4.0. By the time we got there, the rating was 3.9. Someone right before our arrival posted an angry review about rudeness and coldness. When we entered, for some reason, all the staff behaved like bunnies, in the best sense of the word)))

How many times we have been to Krakow, but never visited the underground museum. Although we already felt tired, we decided to look into the museum. We liked. Of course, there are more rich museums, but this one is so modern. With a bunch of interactive installations. I especially liked how I went around the corner, and there, on the video, a medieval Polish woman quarrels with a man in Polish. And then a man notices me and starts yelling at me to get out, there's nothing to see here)))

At the end of today's 19-kilometer hiking route, Misha was waiting for a Polish ice cream cone. However, I also enjoyed it. How much I like it, it's a pity that there are significantly fewer outlets for the sale of these particular horns.

The next morning we started from the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. In principle, we did not know that he was Jewish, but the inscriptions in Hebrew and the old synagogue strongly hinted at this. And then a tourist electric car drove by advertising a walk through the Jewish quarter. In general, our guesses were justified. And the area is really cool. Honestly, I like it more than the central Old Town itself. In the afternoon we went to the local quarry with azure water.

But this time there was that rare case when there was a lot of sun. It shone very brightly and all the time in the eyes, apparently that's why the quarry did not really go. Although it looks really good. But at sunset it was a pleasure to walk around the Wawel Castle and Planty.

We used to always bring cheeses from Poland, and we didn’t take specific ones, but just by eye. But in recent years, a lot of delicious Polish cheese has really begun to be sold in Kyiv. We decided to do a test: we bought the same cheese in Poland, from the same manufacturer, that we buy at home. The result was very surprising: in Kyiv, Polish cheese is tastier. Like this? I have only one explanation: maybe, while it arrives to us, it is aged even more and becomes more saturated in taste. But this discovery is really super joyful.

Here is my short trip and ended in the morning according to the standard scheme on the plane to work. Otherwise, these minibuses are always full, it’s better to take the plane right away. It also flies near the office. Fly only an hour. We need to fly in and quickly rush to the office so as not to miss the morning meeting.

The pilot greets us all and says that due to weather conditions, we may have to fly to Lviv. Which Lviv? My job is not there! Then the conditions improved, and we flew to Kyiv. But since it was impossible to land due to heavy fog, the captain said that he would inform us within an hour where we would end up landing, in Kyiv or Lvov. Fortunately, it was still Kyiv.

We landed 3 minutes before the start of the meeting. Therefore, for the first time in a meeting, I was remotely present directly from the plane in the headset. Even at the border control they were allowed not to take off the headset. From the outside he looked terribly pretentious. In fact, the usual planning)))

Dasha and Misha will arrive on Wednesday. But we didn’t know then that the fog had cleared for a short time and would last at least another week…

Trip Information

Date of travel: 10/18/2019 - 10/21/2019

Trip type: Remote work

Duration: 2 full days + Dasha and Misha for 3 more days

Transport: UIA + Wizz air

Hotels: Booking

Excursions: All by yourself

Trip difficulty: 2/10 (Easy)

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