Lake Zoo

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8 october 2017Travel time: 7 october 2017
We are also here today. And a sad trip came out ((The child naturally expected to see the animals. In fact, he saw an inadequate lady who, passing through the territory, opened the window, threw the phrase "Who are you? Get out of here! " And, as in the order of things, without waiting for an answer, she went further ( (This phrase "from the height of her upbringing" meant that the zoo was closed ((I don’t know what kind of granny is rude there, judging by the reviews, but this is an elementary upbringing ((From a bouquet of emotions, there will definitely not be a desire to come "to bow" again. And categorically I do not recommend this institution, based on those, at least, considerations that there is no real OPERATING contact phone number. This explains a lot, since this object is private - it is always convenient to send you, you cannot be sure that you will arrive at a time convenient for them, so as there is no way to clarify.
Explain, if you wait for guests, visitors, it doesn’t matter in a paid or charitable manner, what is the difficulty in buying 1 sim card for the convenience of your "guests". It turns out, whatever one may say, you appear as an uninvited guest of eminent private estates.
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