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Land of sakura and red maples
One of the panoramic stops of Sharganskaya Osmitsa In this story, you will ride with us on a magical little train high into the mountains, admire the cherry blossoms endlessly, eat a lot of delicious, albeit virtual food, enjoy the Norwegian views on the tops of the snow-capped mountains, and also ...
 •  3 years ago
travel to belgrade.
My daughter and I decided to fly to Serbia. flew liked it. especially Belgrade in the center. their famous bakers fresh pastries ....splash yummy general, life in serbia and belgrade is very cheap prices are low, but the people mostly do not live well.
 •  9 years ago
About the hosts: the population, mostly Serbs, are friendly, emotional, sociable. Most of them have the features of typical southerners, dark-haired with dark eyes. Height above 170cm.
 •  11 years ago
It's not safe through Belgrade.
Spring 2011 Why is it not always comfortable to be Russian outside of our Motherland? remember it unpleasant, but to warn you of what situations on the road you should be prepared for, I am writing.
 •  10 years ago
Serbia is the crossroads of Europe
During the trip to the countries of the former Yugoslavia with the tour operator Art Service visited Serbia, a country that is rarely visited by our tourists and tour operators bypass and in vain!
 •  14 years ago
I would like to share my impressions with those who are going to Serbia to the Kopaonik ski resort. Firstly, this particular hotel is located on the road (the highway between the town of Raska and the center of Kopaonik directly).
 •  15 years ago
Gypsy happiness)
We learned by chance that a festival of trumpeters is held annually in Serbia. We immediately became interested, because we love Balkan music for a long time and wholeheartedly (mainly thanks to Bregovic and Kusturica's films).
 •  15 years ago
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