Written: 3 october 2019
Travel time: 20 — 27 september 2019
I write the whole truth without exaggeration. Arriving at the hotel (we were 3 adults and 1 child) at the reception, young people who generally don’t understand Russian, somehow changed money over the phone through an interpreter, by the way they don’t give receipts, like come tomorrow we’ll give it to you, they didn’t . But on the other hand, as soon as they approached the reception, pay the tax in the first place, they barely knocked them out so that they would give a receipt. They sent us to room number 129, while there was no light along the corridor, we walked in the dark. And then we were just dumbfounded at the very beginning of our arrival. We go into the room, there is no light. I had to run around to get light, somehow. And then we see the furniture is all shabby, the smell of grandmother's raw junk, the TV without a remote control, the bath is generally all dirty in rust and hair, there is no toilet paper and towels. Somehow they knocked out the next day the remote control from the TV, a towel, paper.
And for our 7 days of rest, the rooms were not cleaned, they pretended to be cleaned only, as juice was spilled on the bed and it remained until we left, they didn’t change anything. There was nothing at all, except for eggs. Terrible dishes that are unbearable to eat, everything is salty, we didn’t see meat and fish at all (((Fruits are all missing (watermelon, melon, sometimes there were grapes). Dishes and tables are all dirty. Honestly, I even disdained. And at the expense of free drinks, they pour less half a glass, if you ask for beer, they pour foam, but most importantly, when they pour beer, everyone pours it on the floor, the pressure is so rushing there, it’s just pipets, everyone was a little shocked at such bartenders. And the faces are so dissatisfied and nasty (they constantly drank a cocktail under the bar) and in general they don’t like Russians, and there are only Arabs, Algerians and French.
The animators are so besyachie, nasty, annoying, they took money from people. If you don’t go to play or participate with them for money, then we are a freebie for them. They were shouting there Russian freebies. And then we just went crazy over it. The sea is very dirty. Terribly simple, do not write everything. But I’ll say for sure that I’ll never go to Tunisia on vacation again and I don’t know who likes it there and drags from Tunisia. It's not even the hotel, it's just the atmosphere of Tunisia, everything is poor, dirty. Better for that kind of money people fly to another city and relax!! !
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