I do not advise

Written: 24 may 2023
Travel time: 20 — 27 may 2023
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I'll start from afar! We arrived at this hotel in the evening at 22.30. We spent 30 minutes at the reception. We were not alone. Everyone stood. And everyone was settled in the wrong rooms that were stated in the voucher. We had a mountain view standard. We were settled in a hut near a nightclub, I came to the reception with the last of my strength and said that I was not going to live there, to which I was told that tomorrow we would be accommodated with compensation in the “best room with a sea view”, free of charge at 9.00. I was not too lazy to get up) and came for the promise. Naturally, he allegedly was not ready, and by 12, or something else, more promises began to fall. For which they did not receive my consent. And lo and behold, there is a room on the 8th floor. we went there. The room is good, decent, and like in normal fives. Everything is in place, everything is there. Only today is the third day, and there is no cleaning. There are no towels, there is also NO toilet paper, well I'm thrifty, I bring my own napkins. I had to achieve cleaning, run along the corridor.
Made beds and changed 2 out of 5 towels. The bar was replenished regularly. In order. There is no European alcohol. The bar counter in the main bar of the hotel is so dirty and flooded that there was no desire to even go there. the main restaurant, everything seems to be there, they even try here, but somehow not for you. In general, it is tolerable, you can eat, the dishes are moderately clean, not counting the cups, but this is a disaster everywhere. Snack restaurants, it's impossible to eat there, the potatoes are dry and cold, the pizza is just wooden and all burnt. Well, it’s always on top in Turkey, it’s good that I was without a child, it would be a disappointment)) In my favorite dishes, I will survive. There is no territory. At all. By the pool, everything is littered with sunbeds, that is, you are yelled at from the right-left-top-bottom by very not sober people or children. It's just rows, no gaps. Beach. As in Anapa. Even without words. From the same concept.
Rows are tight to each other, that is, if I lie under an umbrella, then my neighbor, respectively, is under it, no matter if he needs it or not. Toilets on the beach are also funny, I don’t even want to write. Evening animation is, looked 1 time, the second did not go. Didn't get caught. The disco on the beach on the pier is nothing, both the music and the atmosphere, in the club the DJ puts on such music that no one understands how to dance to it, it feels like he is waiting for everyone to disperse. We did not wait for the end and left. The Anex guide is very intrusive, I understand his work, but I clearly said that we won’t go on excursions for a week, we came up to find out the number and check in, to which the answer was received, that it would be better if they didn’t come)) evades questions of interest. The question was simply where is a decent pharmacy. There was no answer. The reception is beautiful, in general, in the main building it is beautiful, at first glance it is “expensive-rich”, but this is only a first glance.

The area is rather sparse for children, my child would get bored after 5 minutes. Aqua zone in 2 funny slides, I didn’t even see if it worked or not. There is a VIP zone on the pier for 100 euros per day, what is in it, for this amount they did not recognize. I would like to mention the sympathetic girl Valeria, who strives to help in some way. The only good experience of the hotel. No more foot here. We went on the recommendation of friends who had a rest here earlier a few years ago, maybe it was different before. At the moment, the hotel absolutely does not pull on its declared concept. Shameful, dirty and unprofessional. I do not advise, do not spoil your holiday.
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