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Bad and dirty hotel
Bad hotel (maximum 3 stars). Dirty, not tasty and monotonous food (only chicken), there is nothing to do in the evening - just drink or sleep, the Internet is paid and weak!
 •  2 months ago
Good feedback. Dangerous!
Even after an unpleasant accident vie? I want to leave it in the apartment, okay? answer? about working? personnel? . Starting with a nice service employee? register? they are in paradise.
 •  1 month ago
The hotel does not match the description
The hotel does not live up to its 5 stars. There was no animation for children (although it is included in the price). The hotel looks beautiful, but it needs renovation.
 •  1 month ago
Nice hotel. I recommend it if you don't pay attention to the little things!
Good afternoon. I ended up at the hotel quite by accident, purely because of the company. This was not the first time in Turkey, so there was something to compare with. To get a more or less decent room (view of the sea from the side and not quite everything killed) I had to shell out $100.
 •  2 months ago
Terrible hotel. Don't come here unless you want to ruin your vacation.
I chose the hotel because of the price. The sea is not far away. There is a pier from which you can dive. Lots of greenery on the hotel grounds. Responsive and positive waiters.
 •  2 months ago
Horrible hotel
Dirty rooms. They haven't cleaned 7 days. Terrible food. They don't speak English. You shoose!! !
 •  2 months ago
Wonderful hotel
Quite a wonderful hotel. Liked everything. Wonderful service staff, especially the animator Sabri. Didn't let you get bored for a minute. It all depends on the company. There has never been a better vacation.
 •  2 months ago
In the rooms, you can hear all the neighbors and what they are doing (how they wash, go to the toilet), zero soundproofing. In the morning, the room smells of sewage, water is constantly on the floor in the bathroom, it is dangerous to take a shower barefoot.
 •  3 months ago
About Utopia
This is a place where everything is beautiful! A beautiful, well-groomed area with a landscape atypical for Turkey. Three sandy beaches, one of which is a picturesque lagoon, the water is clear.
 •  3 months ago
Do you want to ruin your vacation? That way
Greetings! I advise you to read to the end, in addition to the minuses, I will write the most trash, which I do not advise anyone to survive. It all started well, we arrived in the morning, had time to go to breakfast and were waiting for check-in.
 •  2 months ago
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