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No more than 20 tr. for that
On the first day we arrived, went into the room and were upset by the presence of stains on the walls, a light bulb (like blood) and a very dirty floor in the bathroom and in the room itself.
 •  3 months ago
worst hotel
We rested in Palmet Bianco 4 * from August 26 to September 2.2022. But we will remember this holiday for a long time ......especially when you consider that the birthday fell on this period.
 •  5 months ago
Good hotel, but not 5*, but rather 4++
1. food selection is very good. Chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, fruits, rice, pasta and more. 2. Wi-fi only in the hotel lobby. 3. Beach: there are enough sunbeds for everyone.
 •  5 months ago
Worst hotel in Bolroom.
This hotel is not worth the money! We are currently staying at this hotel. Number 3711. Everything in order: ??? ? reception We arrived in the evening. We were seated for 20-30 minutes.
 •  5 months ago
a little bit of good
About the Hotel directly and frankly. We chose only along the first coastline, which is true. In the Hotel with food, periodic failures, sometimes meat appears, but more often - no.
 •  4 months ago
Worst hotel!! ! 3* maximum! It seems that all the positive reviews are either bought, or people have simply never been to really good hotels. The rooms are small - 55 meters is considered to be a terrace, and the room itself is no more than 30 meters.
 •  6 months ago
I liked it very much!
An excellent hotel by any measure. I liked literally everything, perfect cleanliness in the hotel, rooms, on the beach. Wi-Fi works and receives everywhere in the hotel, including the beach.
 •  1 year ago
Good hotel! Recommend
Good hotel. Panoramic views. The rooms are ordinary. WI-FI throughout the territory. The food is ordinary but tasty. Thanks chef. The staff is friendly and not pushy. The sea is good.
 •  1 year ago
Good hotel
We have been staying at this hotel for 10 years. We go here because of the picturesque area, the beautiful sea and the excellent beach. And this hotel has a great hammam.
 •  1 year ago
Read before you go!
Most honest review! Loved the view from the hotel, sunsets etc. Really cool. Everything else is sadness. It started with the fact that we arrived at the hotel at 6 am (there was such a flight), asked us to settle with two children and a pregnant wife, we were told to wait until 12 noon.
 •  1 year ago
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