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Beautiful authentic hotel
We received a huge amount of positive emotions. The hotel itself is quite small, even by Turkish standards. But it is very colorful and authentic. The facade is unremarkable, in appearance you expect a standard.
 •  2 years ago
Megatour: Istanbul and Cappadocia
In early October, I was lucky enough to go on a mega tour of Istanbul and Cappadocia. The choice was almost random, and the expectations were vague. I wanted to learn more about Turkey outside the resort area.
 •  2 years ago
Endless Turkish journey. Cappadocia
Return to Cappadocia again Part 1. An endless Turkish journey. Bodrum Part 2. An endless Turkish journey. Marmaris Part 3. An endless Turkish journey. Akyaka, Dalyan and Pamukkale Part 4.
 •  2 years ago
Hotel is super
We decided to spend our vacation with a company of 8 people in Cappadocia. The Guzide Cave Hotel was chosen. I consider it a very good choice. 1. We arrived at 2 am, without any formalities were settled in the rooms.
 •  3 years ago
P.S. A guide to the guide, or the future conquerors of Cappadocia is dedicated
Trekking and walking. The most difficult part of exploring the valleys around Goreme is the lack of accurate maps. There are many stitches and additional inputs / outputs that will confuse you.
 •  3 years ago
Negative reviews are more fun to read)) The same - positive!)
More than I will write, the photo will probably say) The room is clean, without fungus in the bathroom, with cosmetics, clean towels. Cosmetics were added daily after graduation.
 •  3 years ago
Cozy hotel
Reasonable hotel, good location, parking available, very close to the bus station and shops, helpful and helpful staff. You need to choose rooms on the second floor, you can sit on the balconies with food.
 •  2 years ago
Nice quiet place, great host
We booked through booking, chose by price, reviews and the presence of a terrace. We were seated within 15 minutes. no problem. A young and helpful host, organized a transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, and also helped with the transfer in Istanbul, because.
 •  3 years ago
Good hotel
Very decent, modest, hotel. Good breakfasts. There is a spa. Almost in the center. Attentive staff.
 •  3 years ago
Nice guesthouse in Cappadocia
A family hotel, very, very inexpensive, only about 2000 rubles per room per night with breakfast. Five kilometers to Goreme, there is the main nightlife, but in Cavusin there are also several cafes where you can sit in the evening.
 •  4 years ago
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