Very good location and food

Written: 25 may 2023
Travel time: 6 — 20 may 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Rooms: 8.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 10.0
Amenities: 10.0
The hotel is 2 minutes from the beach. There is a bar with drinks on the beach. The hotel's beach is not the best, but its own, with free sunbeds and a pier.
If you go to the left of the beach, under the mountain is a wonderful wild beach with a nice gentle slope and small pebbles. Very handsome! Food in a 3* hotel is better than expected. The room was 508 with a nice sea view. The rooms themselves are a bit tired, but you have to understand that the hotel is 3*. Everything works. Nastya from Ukraine, a very nice girl, works at the reception. In general, all hotel staff are very friendly. The owners also live in the hotel, so they are always ready to solve problems if the guests have them, by the way, this also does not allow the staff to relax). There is animation, a water slide for 3 people at the same time. There are no beach towels and shampoos, take your own. We understood it anyway, because it is still 3*, but there were guests who were unpleasantly surprised by it. There is a store near the hotel where you can buy everything, a beach towel for $2. I highly recommend Hamam, the guys are professionals.
It takes 7-10 minutes to get to the bus stop, the fare to Alanya is $1 per person. 2 weeks of rest flew by very quickly and brought +3 extra kg.
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