Everything is perfect except for the cleaning of the rooms

Written: 16 may 2024
Travel time: 27 april — 4 may 2024
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I really liked the hotel, but there is a drawback, it is the cleaning of the room (once every three days and does not always wash the floor), maybe because we got Russian-speaking cleaners. The room was on the fifth floor with a beautiful view of the park and mountains, the neighboring rooms overlooked the hotel opposite, it is not very nice. The territory is large, the staff is attentive and resolves all requests quickly. Check-in was quick (we arrived at 8 a. m. , immediately put on bracelets and went to breakfast, at 10 a. m. we were already in the room) Food for 5+ and seafood, and 6 types of meat and fish - there was everything and a lot. From drinks, semi-dry wine and beer are delicious _ there is something to compare with, we have rested in different hotels many times. Alcohol, cocktails, Turkish tea, coffee - everything is in abundance.
The minibar should be filled with sweet drinks once every three days, but our cleaning lady saw that there was still a little left and did not deliver the full amount (Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite) On a 7-night tour, one free à la carte restaurant, you need to make an appointment, you can choose fish or Ottoman kitchen, chose fish and did not regret it (soup, red fish on nril, nrivetkiv sauce, wine, live music). In the snack bar, a woman made delicious gü zleme, you could also pour ayran in the snack bar. The beach is clean, the boy was swimming there and it is big, you can even swim without slippers, the hotel has removed the plates in the water, so sunset and swimming in the water are cool))). The pool is huge, divided into sections and slides, but we came to the sea, not to the pool, so I will not compare, there is one caveat, there is no bar on the beach, so there are always many people near the pool. The animation is not bad, every day there was a performance: folk dances, acrobats, competitions, the animators did not go to the beach.
We were lucky with our neighbors - they are representatives of different European countries and different continents, but unfortunately there were unpleasant people, about 30% of them, no one bothered anyone. Separately, I will highlight the ice cream, you can eat a lot of it, different varieties are very tasty))) There are shopping centers nearby, and if you want to go to Alanya, it is 10 minutes by bus. They are very satisfied with the hotel and rest (except for cleaning the room) More one important thing is wifi, free has a limit, it works only on the first floor, reception and lobby. Is it 10 for groschi? unlimited for 7 days throughout the territory (beach, rooms)
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