A hotel with an inflated name that is not worth anything worth the money you pay for it.

Written: 11 february 2024
Travel time: 5 — 12 february 2024
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Rooms: 3.0
Service: 2.0
Cleanliness: 6.0
Food: 5.0
Amenities: 6.0
-checked in quickly
-they gave us an assistant who was supposed to keep us up to date with the hotel.

All the positives are gone.
First cons:
-the hotel is old and requires renovation, shabby walls, doors, furniture.
The renovation is not luxury or premium at all.
-constant queues in the restaurant, a lot of people came for a conference and couldn’t get through. Ok, you know that you have a lot of people in the hotel, automate the work so that people don’t stand in lines for chicken, etc.
- the food itself, where there is a smell of gourmet food here I don’t understand at all (maybe not delicious sushi for dinner? )
-Alya carte restaurant, which is open 24/7, one name, you also have to stand in line to get in, the waiters are not respectful, you have to wait a long time, Caesar salad is just leaves, chicken, sauce.

-coffee is a separate pain, why can’t such a “chic and expensive” hotel have at least 1 coffee machine with a barista, there are these machines everywhere that brew disgusting coffee.
Even at Starbucks - you press a button - here's your coffee.
All hotels, even simpler ones, already have normal coffee shops.
-the pastry shop is always packed, there are no seats, when asked to bring additional chairs, they shrugged their shoulders and left. Ok, you have a full hotel, but organize it so that it is convenient and comfortable for the guests.

To summarize:
-the hotel knows how to create an impression of pomp, but when it comes to the guest, you will be disappointed
-I will never come here again, the hotel is not worth the money at all
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