Fabulous vacation in the town of Turunc in Turkey

13 august 2021 Travel time: with 23 July 2021 on 05 august 2021
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We rested at the end of July 2021. Going on vacation, we chose a small cozy hotel in a picturesque area - and we were not mistaken. The hotel has many advantages.

Location: The hotel is located in the small cozy town of Turunc, not burdened by crowded promenades and beaches - and this is a huge advantage in a pandemic, and only two minutes from the sea, which allowed us not to miss a single swimming at sunrise and after sunset.

Microclimate: Squeezed between the slopes of the mountains, densely covered with red and cedar pine, in a crescent-shaped bay, Turunc, even on the hottest days, gives a coolness that cannot be found in resorts with a long beach strip in the height of summer. In addition, Turunc was awarded the blue flag of UNESCO for maintaining the high quality of water in the sea, which is especially important for allergy sufferers and lovers of eco-holidays.

Beaches: The hotel has its own beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, 5 minutes walk on the right side of the hotel; on the left - two city beaches with umbrellas, convenient entry into the sea and showers with fresh water; there are many beaches on the promenade from cafes where you can use umbrellas and sunbeds after buying drinks. All this makes it possible to spend a romantic night under the open sky, watching shooting stars and making secret wishes, which is what many vacationers do.

Hotel infrastructure: Turunc Dream hotel is a small cozy boutique hotel, so you will never face queues at restaurants or at the reception, unlike huge complexes, which significantly increases the time spent in nature. The architectural style of the hotel is interesting, the structure of which resembles a ship moored in a quiet harbor. All this is emphasized by the smell of pine needles, the singing of cicadas, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, and the brilliance of the moonlit path on the surface of the sea. Those wishing to take a break from the sea can spend time at the bar, in a well-equipped, albeit small, pool or green area, in the shade of palm trees, olives and vines.

Restaurant: we really liked the cuisine (besides, there are 4 meals a day at the hotel): a huge selection of salads, vegetables, herbs, delicious soups, Turkish cheeses, olives, ayran, a variety of meat dishes (kebabs , beef stroganoff, entrecote, schnitzels), grilled vegetables and meat, omelettes, deep-fried squid, several types of honey (including coniferous), jams, baklava and traditional Turkish sweets, watermelon and melon, fruits (during our stay - apples , plums and grapes), delicious Turkish pomegranate tea, white and red wine, Efes beer, an assortment of juices and drinks. During the rest, not a single hot dish was repeated. Empty plates are immediately removed, so that the table always remains neat and beautiful while eating.

If you want something exotic or support the locals, you can visit the fruit stand opposite the hotel or order excellent seafood dishes on the waterfront (we tried and recommend grilled octopus with a crispy crust for 8 euros per dish). Menu and fixed prices at the entrance of each restaurant.

Sights: there are many interesting places in the vicinity of Turunc - and this is a guarantee that you will not be bored. A 40-minute walk along the road above the Turunc Resort hotel are the ruins of the ancient city of Amos on Cape Asardzhik (VI century BC, the ruins of the gate, the temple, the base of the towers, the necropolis, as well as the theater that once accommodated 1300 inhabitants). On the way from the top of the mountain, we took panoramic photos of stunningly beautiful bays with azure water, hiding under the lush crown of coniferous trees, and passing through the Greek-style "Professor's Town" built in the Greek style, we spent the day in the most picturesque bay of Turkey "Amos" with emerald water, where on the left on the way to the sea there is a free beach for swimming. A fan of noisy embankments and shopping can easily get to the resorts of Icmeler and Marmaris (for 1 euro by minibus (stop in front of the hotel); 3 euro by boat (40 min walk, stop opposite the gendarmerie), and in just 15 minutes by taxi for 12 euros (stop at mosques).

Staff: this is the biggest plus of the hotel. The main helmsman is Mustafa Bey, the soul of the hotel and the sorceress Anzhelika, the manager of the bar, the chef, who shows the wonders of culinary art, surprising us daily with the skill and dishes of Turkish cuisine, other hotel specialists who solved the problems that arose 24 hours a day and did everything possible for comfortable and bright rest of guests. Without them, the reigning atmosphere of comfort would be impossible. Daily room cleaning, shampoo and gel renewal (the shampoo is good and you don’t need to bring your own); hair dryer, new air conditioner, balcony for quick drying of things. The absence of a language barrier, because employees speak Russian and English.

We are not fans of animations, so its absence did not affect our mood in any way. If you wish, the hotel staff will arrange for you a wonderful evening disco. You can even listen to live music on the embankment.

Conclusion: Ignore bad reviews. Come with a good attitude and Turunc will captivate you with a stunning atmosphere. Many thanks to all the hotel staff for the friendly, family, warm, cozy atmosphere that made our stay unforgettable. We left the hotel with sadness and a strong desire to come here again as soon as possible.

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