Decent hotel, not super-duper, but I'm satisfied

Written: 27 june 2022
Travel time: 12 — 18 june 2022
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Rooms: 7.0
Service: 7.0
Cleanliness: 8.0
Food: 5.0
Amenities: 5.0
I note right away that the food is quite good, it’s hard to stay hungry, there were a lot of fruits. Sweets are standard cakes, cakes, baklava. The alcohol is quite low quality, but it is included in the all-inclusive system and I do not drink it. From soft drinks soda, tea, coffee. The hotel has a very good location, close to many shops, in addition, to the city center. The rooms are comfortable and clean. The staff cleans up every speck of dust. Everyone is polite and helpful. No one is rude even in conflict situations. The hotel is more youth than for family or age couples. Quite noisy in the evenings and during the day. Generally satisfied, but we won't go here again.
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