A normal hotel, but definitely not for this price!

Written: 3 july 2024
Travel time: 15 — 23 june 2024
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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I chose a hotel in a hurry, 10 days before departure, as we have a bitter experience with early bookings. I liked the photos of the territory and nature around, and the reviews were normal. It worked out to me $2050 for one for 9 nights, a considerable amount.
She arrived at 1:40 p. m. , they immediately attached a bracelet and sent her to lunch, after which she was immediately settled. The room was in the main building, 2nd floor, not the declared side view, but an almost direct view of the sea. The room is large, clean, recently renovated, air conditioner works, mini bar. The joy was premature, because he was almost above the stage, where the music, even from the neighboring hotel, was blaring wildly into the night. A week later, I thought my brain would explode.
The territory of the hotel is really beautiful, green, even near the pools, many chic photo areas, near the rooms in the villas as well.

Beach. Well, the beaches in the city of Kemer are generally narrow, a large crowd of people, the night terror of an introvert. It's the same story here. Some privileged sunbeds must be occupied by 6.
00, you can always find a sunbed, I found one on the first day of arrival. But people literally fought for these sunbeds, with me some bully dragged a pensioner on a sunbed, wanted to throw her out. Someone had things thrown from a sunbed and glasses were trampled. God had mercy on me.
Food. This is the most interesting. As they say, you will not remain hungry, to me, who is always losing weight, Ok. But people go on vacation and for a gastronomic holiday, you won't find it here. Chicken, minced meat, some tasty, some not, fish, some small mackerel, mushrooms, vegetables 100500 dishes, dumplings with potatoes! Lots of cheese and olives. There were no delicacies! Sweet delicious. Basic fruits. But the queues to the counter, where they just put m? food and the best dishes. From the restaurant to the lobby, well, it's a shame, honestly, can't you somehow spread everything on more trays? !
During the day, you can still refresh yourself at bars with fast food, fruit, cakes with coffee, but I didn't go.
There is alcohol and they make cocktails, if you can call it cocktails))
Nauseating photographers who do not allow passage, hammamschiks.
The impressions from other hotel staff, from the receptionist to the cleaners, are positive.
What is the conclusion? You can go, but the price is a question! If the price were right, it is possible, but definitely not for this money. You can book garden rooms in advance, they are cheaper, but also worse. But it is quieter and more comfortable there.
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