A good rest in a peaceful place

Written: 18 september 2022
Travel time: 9 september — 9 october 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday
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Rooms: 10.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 9.0
Food: 10.0
Amenities: 9.0
Vacationed with adult children.
The hotel is small, located on the first line. It has its own pebble beach. Free sunbeds with mattresses. Enough shadow. On the beach for vacationers there is a free dinghy and a single boat. There is a sink for feet and a fresh shower. The beach, like the sea, is clean and well-kept.
There is an unheated swimming pool on the territory. Near it there is a bar, deckchairs with mattresses and umbrellas for shade, tables for drinks or something tasty. There are also many private places for relaxation around the perimeter, such as couches with tables, a hanging hammock-egg, folding deckchairs, and so on. You can choose a place both in the shade and in the sun. Who needs what.

A room with a high ceiling, white laminate on the floor, a glass wall to the balcony, light wallpaper. There are black out curtains on the windows - a great thing for those who sleep during the day. New comfortable mattresses. Clean white linen. A sufficient number of sockets - this is not the case everywhere).
Shower cosmetics, toilet paper, towels - everything is in sufficient quantity. Daily cleaning, applying cosmetics and changing towels. Bedding was changed once every two days. The hair dryer is working. Shower with good water pressure. There is always hot water. The air conditioner is working. She was satisfied with the number.
I was pleased with the food. I absolutely love baked vegetables, of which there was plenty. Although no one went hungry. There was flounder, and dorado, and lamb, and chicken, and beef, and fruit, and cereal with milk or juice...The same is delicious, on time, fresh, in sufficient quantity for everyone.
We girls drank girlish alcohol - Baileys, Malibu, red wine. Everything tastes good ; ).
There are no discos or animations - that was a pleasure. Nothing buzzed through my head day or night. Background music on the beach at an acceptable volume is what you need for relaxation.
The staff is polite. Adequately responds to vacationers' requests.
The contingent of vacationers is pleasant. Only one family of Russians per week.
And she behaved decently after realizing that there are no rowdies and drunks here. At the same time, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Kazakhs are the main connoisseurs of the hotel.
100 meters from the central entrance - a bazaar with everything you need. Ukrainian plastic cards are accepted everywhere for payment. My friend used to buy tours at that bazaar. I was satisfied with the price, quality and service.
Among the minuses - plastic containers at the bar even in the evening). I would like to sip pleasant drinks civilly. The presence of rooms on the basement floor in which they tried to accommodate some vacationers. But they were not offered to us, so I only know about them by hearsay. And the Internet, which does not finish the numbers and does not withstand the evening calls home at the same time from all vacationers).
I am satisfied with the rest. The hotel is nice.
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