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31 July 2021 Travel time: with 21 July 2021 on 29 July 2021
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I will tell you about the New Year, which the Turks celebrate on 20.07-25.07. 2021 - KURBAN-BAYRAM. . . you have no idea how many of them come to the beach. . . They scream, squeal, probably this is how they celebrate. . .

On July 29, we saw smoke from the hotel room, I showed the photo to the reception and immediately heard the word terrorist attack. . . ironically, on that day we flew back and the road was to Dalaman. . .

What do you know about serpentine roads? I think you can imagine how comfortable it is to drive there... and now add fire on the way and the fear that everything is in smoke... My biggest surprise was that Turunc and I were taken in a minibus right to the heart of FIRE... to Icmeler... my mouth opened in surprise and amazement, there was no fear... when, nevertheless, we were almost taken to the Ichmeler port, it turned out that the road was blocked, the equipment was working... part of the mountain was collapsing... and we were told we needed to run a little with suitcases to the port)))))) it’s only 1 km +... but nothing that from Turunc you could immediately sail on a boat from Marmaris ? ! But it's okay that it's risky and scary to run along the road between parked cars and other tourists. . . and be afraid to lose sight of the minibus driver?!

We sailed on a boat to Marmaris, which was also on fire, but much less! There, many thanks to KOMPAS, we were met by a Turk who did not speak Russian and took us to the minibus... then after 10 minutes of driving they separated those who were at Bodrum airport from Dalaman...

And)))) began a journey through the blocked Marmaris in smoke to collect more tourists like us... until we collected a full car, we rode and breathed smoke)))) WOW!

The way to the airport took 18:05-22:10.

Unforgettable bright trip. . . Thank you for taking us out!

P. S. Why did they bring the fire to the heart of the fire? Was it really impossible to immediately send from Turunc to Marmaris by boat? Do you really think that this is possible... Thanks to those who drove us and breathed this fire, smoke and burning with us. We saw that they were also scared, but they were carrying us.

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