Impression of Barut Himere

Written: 8 october 2018
Travel time: 25 september — 5 october 2018
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday
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Service: 8.0
Cleanliness: 8.0
Food: 9.0
Amenities: 7.0
This is not the first time in this hotel, so we chose it according to previous impressions. Basically, the choice was justified - as before, a very well-groomed green area, the cleanest pools for which there is constant care and control over the purity of the water. The rooms are regularly cleaned and linen changed, a bar filled with drinks in the room. About restaurants and menus, you need to write a separate review, such an extensive and tasty selection of dishes, fruits, confectionery. Although we did not use it, I was impressed by the choice of high-quality and expensive alcohol. You can still write about good things, etc. But at the very moment of arrival, they were taken aback by the proposed number, we had it according to the land view agreement. We were put in a room (I think 1417), with a view from the balcony into a blank wall. The settlement took place after 17.00 time. To our protests that this is not Land view at all, the administrator at the reception categorically stated that it was Land view. Our appeal to the responsible for working with guests - Albina, did not give any result, she supported the administrator. After our protests, we were offered to pay $ 300 for a settlement in room 4310. Which we had to do in order not to spoil our vacation. We were not given any receipts for the payment. The next day, we went to Albina to get a receipt, and despite her promises, we never received it. We have traveled many times to other places, but this has never happened to us before. When we were in Cyprus, in the absence of our room, we were settled in a higher category and, in addition, they even improved the food category as compensation.
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