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Written: 18 july 2019
Travel time: 27 july — 8 august 2018
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For families with children
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Rooms: 8.0
Service: 8.0
Cleanliness: 8.0
Food: 9.0
Amenities: 9.0
I liked everything in the hotel. The area is not huge, but it suits us perfectly. As for the landview, at first I was also shocked, but then I liked it. You can not hear people, noise from the pool, animators, etc. This year in September I will go again. There are stones in the water, but you get used to them and stop noticing them. My daughter lacks chocolate desserts (real heavy chocolate cakes, as, for example, in Gloria (Belek)), but this is her personal whim already. The evening activities area is closer to the beach, so evening concerts do not interfere with those who want to go to bed early. It is convenient that food is available almost around the clock. I do not know the quality of alcohol, because I do not drink.
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