Everything is not bad, but not at such a price

Written: 3 november 2023
Travel time: 31 july — 1 august 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday
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Rooms: 8.0
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Acquaintance with the hotel really begins with security. But a polite conversation about who, where, why is useful for everyone, for some it is a service, and you are calm that the car in the parking lot will be intact and no one will climb into the rooms on the lower floors. The hotel staff themselves know the features of the rooms, so the lady at the reception kindly showed us 3 available rooms for accommodation, and we chose what would be the best for us. In fact, it was for UAH 2.500. / day junior suite with a balcony of 16 square meters, but from them immediately subtract 3 for the balcony itself, 3 for the bathroom and 2 for the corridor, so living in a room of 8 square meters, where in fact there is a bed and a table with a chair, so there is not enough space. Rooms with such a layout cannot be called junior suites. Although the room itself is neat, with a nice Provence design, both furniture and linen are of high quality and pleasant to the eye and touch. The same goes for the bathroom, beautiful cosmetics, stylish and harmonious combination of the entire interior.
We lived on the second floor with a wonderful view of the mountains, in the morning there was peace and quiet around us, the highway and the railway were far away. And what a view opens up from the fifth floor, when you take a ride on the panoramic elevator to admire even greater beauty around. The breakfast, which, by the way, costs 180-250 hryvnias, if ordered separately, left a somewhat unpleasant impression. A wretched bread with a cold egg and a transparent piece of fish that can barely be seen from the outside, and the cheesecakes seem to be delicious, but 10 tiny apple cubes and 3 blueberries for 200 hryvnias is somehow not humane. The coffee is downright bad. They remained stupidly hungry in the morning. There was no desire to make other orders at the restaurant's current prices. As a summary, given the cost, the hotel is suitable for a short stay or for rest, when you don't spend much time in it.
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