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Nice hotel but noisy pool neighbors
I have a rest with my family in this boarding house not for the first time and every time a lot of positive emotions. Last time, August 2023, as always, I was pleased with the abundance of greenery in the yard, the cleanliness and hospitality of the owners.
 •  4 weeks ago
Everything is not bad, but not at such a price
Acquaintance with the hotel really begins with security. But a polite conversation about who, where, why is useful for everyone, for some it is a service, and you are calm that the car in the parking lot will be intact and no one will climb into the rooms on the lower floors.
 •  2 months ago
The rooms are good, the place is great, the service is bad
Upon arrival, it turned out that there was rotavirus in the hotel, an ambulance came periodically. In the children's camp, one of the children vomited, and on the third day, this participation did not pass us by either.
 •  1 month ago
From "Wow" to "You can be crazy"
They chose taking into account the fact that they planned to rest in a considerable amount, and over time this number grew. In the end, our stay occupied two cottages, two rooms and one dome.
 •  2 months ago
Great choice!
For the first time, we found ourselves in this area with our son, namely the Yaremche hotel "U Nazar and Maryana", we liked everything during our stay, the local energy, cleanliness, beautiful views from the windows, special thanks to the staff (unfortunately, I don't remember their names) this is a...
 •  3 months ago
Amazing employees
Very strange employees… The lighting of the territory is almost zero. Along the entire territory there is a deep ditch (more than a meter), which looks like a curb. Signs or warnings from employees — 0.
 •  1 year ago
Nice hotel with some flaws.
I'll start with the advantages. The hotel is located in a magical place with unparalleled scenery. A room with a private terrace and a view of the river and the mountains.
 •  1 year ago
A great hotel with an incredible view for a reasonable price.
I liked everything: a spacious and tidy room with a balcony, a clean warm pool, attentive staff, convenient location of the hotel. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!
 •  1 year ago
Good hotel
If there is a paradise somewhere, it is in the Carpathians. This year I had a rest in the recreation complex "Nebokray". There is no better place to relax. I really liked it.
 •  2 years ago
My armor was blown away, and as a result, my vacation was ruined
Called (approximately in early July) to book a room for August 26-29. They said they did not know how long they would have a children's camp. Asking me to register for these dates, in case the hotel is already vacant - for these dates to be assigned to me.
 •  2 years ago
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