Nice hotel but noisy pool neighbors

Written: 5 september 2023
Travel time: 5 — 19 august 2023
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I have a rest with my family in this boarding house not for the first time and every time a lot of positive emotions. Last time, August 2023, as always, I was pleased with the abundance of greenery in the yard, the cleanliness and hospitality of the owners. Here time seemed to have stopped, sirens were not heard and there was no tension either in the air or among people. Orders from the kitchen at least slightly increased in price, but they were compensated by the unique sophistication (I recommend dishes in pots to everyone - potatoes with meat, fish in greens and potato pancakes with mushrooms) you will definitely remember them. Well, the presence of a pool, although small in size, is quite suitable for water relaxation for adults and fun for children. Special thanks to the owners Natalia and Yaroslav for a real bathhouse with delicious herbal tea and free barbecues with firewood in the yard (I recommend).
Nearby is the railway station, so save on a taxi, and the bus station opposite will make it easy to get to any city in the region, including Ivano-Frankivsk, if you want to go on excursions there. By the way, there are no problems with this in Yaremche at all, right at the exit from the station you will be offered a lot of brochures with all kinds of sights and routes. The prices are almost the same for everyone, but I want to warn you right away if you choose a trip to Hoverla, then first walk to a lower height, for example, Mount Makovitsa or the Dovbush trail, they are very close, you can climb yourself. (be sure to wear sturdy shoes, rent a pair of ski poles, dry rations and a liter of water for each from the owners, also bring a light jacket, it can be very cool on the peaks. )
It sometimes rains short in Yaremche, it would not be superfluous to buy cellophane raincoats in advance, there are a lot of them in the markets, by the way, when it rains, there are no excursions to Hoverla and you need to take long-sleeved T-shirts there, as the bright sun often alternates with a piercing wind. I recommend that everyone make a walking tour to the Proboy Waterfall, where the largest market in the city with souvenirs is located, where you can choose your favorite thing for every taste and take a picture against the backdrop of running water. And also be sure to visit the Bukovel resort, you can also take a minibus, it will be cheaper, a ride on the lift this year cost 250 UAH. from a person. Also on the way there, I liked the location "Upside Down House" for adults and nearby a park with dinosaurs for children in the village of Polonitsa, the cost is 250 - 350 UAH. per person, depending on the tour you go or yourself.

In Yaremche there is also an opportunity to ride a quad bike 1400 UAH.
for two or on a horse 700 UAH. per person, to a local eco-park with animals, a garden of miniature buildings or to the Maiden's Tears waterfall. You can also go there on foot, but always take a raincoat, dry rations, water and money with you, since the entrance is paid, on average it costs 80 UAH. from a person.
I hope that from the view of the mountain peaks, the purity of the air, the beauty of the running water in the streams and the Prut River, as well as unsurpassed souvenirs, you will get unforgettable impressions and a real vacation ...
Vitaly Vostochny
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