An involuntary journey through Central Asia for my aunt's inheritance.

29 December 2016 Travel time: with 22 December 2016 on 27 December 2016
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It wasn't long before the New Year. Gifts were bought, the menu of the festive table was discussed, the Christmas tree was dressed up.

And suddenly there was an ominous phone call. Some woman called and informed us that a lonely aunt who had bequeathed her apartment to my wife had died in Fergana.

I didn't know this aunt. My wife saw her several times decades ago, and among the papers and documents we did have a yellowed will, dated 1981. We perceived it, rather, as a curiosity and only miraculously preserved it. Both my wife and I are well aware that over the years a dozen more wills could have appeared that crossed out ours, but it was necessary to pay tribute.

The funeral was scheduled for tomorrow and we rushed to the airport.

30 hours later we landed in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

(About why in Osh, and not in Fergana, and why in 30 hours it is here)

And without feeling tired, we went to the hotel.

The Ortho Asia Hotel turned out to be not just good. He was luxurious. For 2.900 rubles. we got a room at 100 meters. And, which is nice, the luxury was not oriental, but limitless. . In the room there was an office area, a sitting area - to relax, in the bathroom, in addition to the bathtub, there was also a shower and 2 sinks.

The receptionist ordered dinner for us at a nearby restaurant and it was brought already served. There were hazel grouse, various salads, wine, and the price for everything, as in a Moscow dumpling shop.

In the morning there was an individual breakfast. It was included in the price.

And the journey on earth began. We took a taxi to the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border.

To the checkpoint "Kuvasay". We drove for three and a half hours.

After the blizzard, the passes were filled up.

But the beauty around was indescribable. Alps. Tatras. But no.

After all, the Tien Shan.

And here is the checkpoint, the sign says that it is 40 km to Fergana. The taxi driver is leaving. It remains to pass the border control and we are finally in Uzbekistan.

Yeah. Right now. We were not allowed. The rules have changed there and this item has become bilateral. Only Kyrgyz and Uzbeks were allowed in. And again a long road to Osh, and then even to the international checkpoint.

On Uzbek territory, we were met by a crowd of taxi drivers, recidivists who looked like cannibals. We chose one that showed that he would kill us not immediately, but a little later.

We exchanged some money and after another 4 hours we ended up in Fergana.

We were greeted at my aunt's apartment by a very pleasant woman who took care of all the sad formalities and procedures.

And then the neighbors and relatives of the neighbors ran there and the farce began. Hand-wringing, sobbing, screaming and intimate whispering in my ear - “I was like a daughter to her. She promised me something. "

To stop this, I announced that they could start looting the apartment. They can take whatever they want. This puzzled them. It did not fit into the usual picture of the world and they felt a catch. I myself had to, on reflection, find my aunt's savings and simple gold to begin with. I distributed all this to them, which made me even more confused.

But there is no silver lining. Further distribution of elephants took place calmly and intelligently.

The executor told us about my aunt and I regretted that I did not know her during her lifetime. Amazing woman. Chemistry teacher.

Telegrams for the funeral came from all over the world.

The next day was Sunday and the notary's offices were closed. We had a whole day to explore the city and visit the grave. In principle, there is nothing special to see there.

We did not like Fergana categorically, unlike Osh and Bishkek. We especially didn't like the people. It seems that everyone around is waiting for the moment to cheat and rob us. This was not the case in Kyrgyzstan.

And then some ragamuffins wandered after us, with tin cans on long handles. Something was smoking in the Banks. I thought it was a schmal, shied away from them like from the plague. Then it turned out that this is a kind of begging. They have all sorts of herbs in their jars (and maybe schmal) and they fumigate you with this smoke and drive away evil spirits. You have to pay for this.

And so…. Market.

Dinner at the executor's family. Expect a fantastic swim. Walk along the central streets.

Fergana is a very poor city. This poverty, bordering on poverty, is visible everywhere, except for a small patch in the center.

But the prices for everything are ridiculous. Let's say a taxi around the city - 20 rubles. Dinner for three 60 rubles. A trip by car to another city - 500 rubles. Melon - 50 rubles. But these prices were available to us only because we were accompanied everywhere. If not for this, everything could be multiplied by 10, or even by 50.

We flew back again not from Fergana. I had to go to Namangan. Night roads again. Again, local tunes on the radio.

Namangan Airport surprised me with the cleanliness and impeccable work of all services.

When the customs officers could not understand what was in our suitcase, they took us to a separate room and asked us to open it. There they pierced all the bags of tea and spices. They broke a few sweets, but then they gave me a hug with their service Labrador and a shepherd dog.

The flight with Uzbekistan Airways was a bit annoying, but everything turned out to be much better and more comfortable than expected.

There were, of course, their own national characteristics. When the captain announced that it was forbidden to smoke on board during the entire flight, the phrase did not end there. It was also forbidden to chew tobacco and consume nasvay on board.

Dear travellers. I wish you all in the new year also get an unexpected financial surprise. I wish you to overcome all the troubles and remain optimistic.

Happy New Year!! ! !

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Вид из окна гостиницы в Бишкеке.
Номер в отеле Орто Азия.
Завтрак на двоих.
Большегрузы не могут въехать на перевал. Под колесами лед.
Это примерно 100 долларов.
Цель поездки.
Вход в гостиницу Зайорат в Фергане.
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