Uzbekistan is a fabulous country

29 May 2017 Travel time: with 07 May 2017 on 14 May 2017
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. Finally, a dream came true and we visited Uzbekistan. This is a magical, fabulous country. A thousand and one nights in full glory. Now in order.

As we have seen several times, it is necessary to find a local travel agency - it is always cheaper, and most importantly, you can specify any additional costs. conditions.

For Uzbekistan, we successfully found the travel agency "Turan Travel Service". Convenient form of payment + picked up the beginning of the tour at our request. There are not 20-30 people in the group (if you buy a tour from a tour operator who will collect you all over the country and resell to the same travel agency), but only 2-6! ! ! The tour is organized perfectly: meeting at the airport, accommodation in comfortable hotels, a local guide in each city, an escort who takes care (actually takes care) of you throughout the tour! And we were doubly lucky, and our escort was the director of the travel agency Anatoly. A huge special thank you to him. The hotel in each city is unique, but they are united by the preserved local flavor.

They are located in former caravanserais, supplemented only by modern amenities, which does not violate the harmony of antiquity. In Bukhara it is Khurjin. In Khiva Qosha Darvoza. Delicious breakfast, home comfort, friendliness of the staff - you feel like in a fairy tale.

Guide in Samarkand Popova Galina special thanks. So much knowledge that she brings to you in an intelligent, pleasant form, you want to listen and listen. And all around such beauty and power, it takes your breath away. You can touch all this oriental beauty. This is very important: not just to look from afar, but to touch what was created by ceramics masters six centuries ago! Mosques, madrasahs, mausoleums are majestic and grandiose. Yes, many were destroyed, restored only in our time, but this does not spoil the impression at all.

The surviving buildings in Shakhrisabz give the impression of power, grandeur and leave the thought of the participation of the cosmos in their unearthly origin.

Guide in Bukhara Mastura, a real colorful Uzbek. I don’t even know what is more important: her patriotism or Uzbek charm)) Of course, Bukhara is different from Samarkand. Its buildings are not so bright, but they are assembled into complexes, the surrounding territories have been ennobled, which is more conducive for walking. Khiva is a separate country with its own color, customs and people. You find yourself in a city from the past, seemingly untouched by time. You can spend a whole day in it, just walking and looking around. A special impression is made by the view from the minaret, which we advise you to climb without fail.

Food in Uzbekistan is a separate topic that can be savored endlessly, but let's be brief.

Pilaf in Samarkand, in the plov house is beyond praise, it is impossible to describe this yummy, just TRY! ! ! In Bukhara, the most memorable meal in Lyabikhauz. Take cold cuts and honey vodka - consider the evening a success. The price tags are magical, it is difficult to spend more than 1.000 rubles for two, unless you burst from gluttony. You need to order meat, meat and meat + vegetable salad)) The service is fast and convenient. Any problem is solved quickly, with a smile. It is also convenient that the tip is included in the cost of the check.

About the language - no problems, plus the goodwill of the local population and you generally feel comfortable. The heat is not annoying, the lack of humidity helps to endure it much easier. 38 for us in Uzbekistan, like 28 for us. You need to exchange money not at an exchange office (it will turn out half as much), but at the market, in a hotel, ask for a guide in the end. Don't change too much at once.

For $ 100, you will get about 800 thousand soums, they mostly have thousand-dollar bills, so think about what a huge LOT they will roll off for you. A backpack for money will not hurt)) On the market you can pay in rubles and dollars, so if anything, negotiate. Souvenirs are better to buy in Bukhara and cheaper and the choice is richer. But it’s better to stock up on alcohol in Samarkand, because it’s difficult with alcohol in Uzbekistan. We definitely recommend visiting the winery in Samarkand. The balm is purely Viagra, invigorates not like a child. The tasting expert is a true professional!

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