Written: 9 november 2015
Travel time: 23 october — 5 november 2015
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Ocean Bay Hotel Nha Trang
So, I'll start in order.
Stay in Nha Trang 23.10 - 5.11. 2015
Flight. Katekavia company. 9 hours from Yekaterinburg. The flight was delayed by 1 hour. Fed 2 times. The Boeing plane is comfortable. Flight is normal.
Cam Ranh Airport. Passing registration without problems, the tour operator (representative) met, showed where to go, no papers had to be filled out. We waited for our luggage for about an hour. Everyone got it, went to the bus, changed 100 bucks along the way at the rate of 2200 tons of dong. The trip to the hotel is 40 minutes. The hotel is in the northern part of Nha Trang, which, in my opinion, was a big plus.
Reception. They took our passports, gave a card from the room, escorted us to the elevator and to the room, showed us what and how is located in the room, and left us to settle down.

Hotel and room. 2nd beach line, which is very convenient, because. no noise from the road. 2 stars, 7 floors. At the reception they speak and understand a little Russian, they are very friendly, the girls are just smart. In the room: air conditioner, fan, cups and glasses, TV -1 ort, safe (for a fee), we did not take valuables, kept them in a suitcase under lock and key, nothing was lost, then phones and equipment were simply left in the room. Wi-Fi is excellent, skype, viber, tv online - all without problems. Cleaning daily, towels changed daily + s/paste, brushes, soap, shampoo. Water is always warm not hot. You can take boiling water at the reception (thermos), we had our own kettle, so tea and coffee in the morning is no problem.
Hotel guide Ekaterina. Meeting with her the next day. About excursions - not intrusive, they only took a survey with lunch for $ 15 per person (in street agencies, about the same). She gave me a map of the city (for some reason, a black-and-white xerox copy), asked about the bus and shops, but did not receive a meaningful answer, they say, you will figure it out yourself. We figured it out, there is a language and a head on his shoulders too. She was not seen again, information on the departure was found on the operator's board at the hotel at 22-00. Departure was postponed for 8 hours, from 10-00 to 18-30. But since the last day was also rainy, we just sat in the room until 11-55, then went down to the reception, at 14-10 we were taken to the airport.
Beach. Near the hotel 5-7 minutes at a leisurely pace. Sand, waves are not big, relatively clean. The beach is public. Opposite Fairy Bay Hotel. Opposite the entrance to the beach - the bottom is rocky, you can get hurt, so swim to the left, there is clean sand, and as a rule, there are a lot of locals. , Well, Russian tourists, when they swim in the sea, also shift to the left. Umbrellas and sunbeds 80t. dong. We made do with the mat we brought with us and rested on it. Tanning tips. From morning to 11-00 and after 14-30 until dark. It gets dark early at 17-0.17-30. Apply a protective cream from the first hours of your stay at the sea, otherwise you will burn out and not feel it, and in the evening you will have a gift!! ! Checked! I myself am swarthy and even with a tan, I thought I could stand it - no, my back was burned and my nose too, I had to smear myself with panthenol on the very first evening, this saved me, although the skin still peeled off. Day 5 was already smeared with tanning oil. Things on the beach did not seem to be stolen, but the neighbors were still asked to look after.
Excursions. Overview of the city from the operator (Pegasus), I liked everything except for the shops: a latex factory, a cotton factory. We looked at the city pagodas, and other local attractions, coffee, tea, lunch and the hotel. $15 per person for 5 hours. Dalat. We went from Berezka tour. 1 day $22 per person. Departure 7-30 return to the hotel 19-30. Travel time is 3-3.5 hours, a trip uphill along a serpentine road, it is very swaying, it can be scary when cornering (some women screamed). Minivan for 14 people. Were at a coffee plantation, Crazy House, a park with a waterfall, a pagoda (very beautiful), a coffee shop, lunch with local rum (! ) Young Bay. National park with a waterfall. $25 per person. I liked this tour the most. Departure 07-30 return 16-00. Were in the national village with matriarchy (a woman has 1-3 husbands), a waterfall, a performance, pig races, cockfights, feeding carps and crocodiles, riding an ostrich and elephants (extra charge), thermal springs, coffee shops, lunch with rum. Winperl. We traveled on our own. Bus number 4 to the final. Ticket 600 VND. A cable car ride across the sea to Winpearl Amusement Island. Here, all attractions are included in the ticket price, except for food and drinks (it is forbidden to bring them with you). Water slides, speed sleighs, other attractions, an aquarium, a performance of dolphins and fur seals, and of course a beach where you can swim and sunbathe. You can also return by bus (if you have time before 17-30), or by taxi from $ 15 to the hotel.

Nutrition. You can eat in any cafe, they are almost all near the hotel. The most comfortable BBQ - you leave the hotel to the right (towards the sea) and the next turn to the right (alley) to a parallel street and again to the right - there is a sign. Check per person 150t. dong. Free 1 drink and fruit at the end of the meal. We also ate at other cafes. The menu is almost the same everywhere, the price range is +_ 10%. I also liked the cafe SON - to the right of the BBQ, and the cafe right behind the massage parlor for the blind (only pizza is served there). We were also at the fruit market - this is along the street where the BBQ is located to the end, cross the road and here it is the local market: mango 20-30 dong, pitahaya 20 dong, lychee 30-40 dong, rambutan 20 dong, bananas 15-30 dong, all this for 1 kg. The market is open from morning until dark, but even then some still remain.
Mini supermarket. Located at the next turn off the waterfront, counting from the turn to our hotel. THOSE. leave the hotel, go to the highway along the embankment, turn left and go to the left turn, then 400-500 meters ahead and here is the market. There are other shops where everything is sold, it's just that this is the most affordable and fixed prices (cheaper than they have not seen here).
Cho Dam Market. Local shopping. There is everything - from groceries to expensive items made of silk and other rags. Getting there is easy. Exit the hotel to the right to the highway, turn left, walk along the road to the bus stop number 4 (there is a sign), sit down, pay the fare 7 dong per person, tell the conductor CHO DAM, he will tell you where to get off. Back on the same street, bus number 4, navigate along the embankment where to get off. The bus runs until 17:30. Well, or a taxi to the hotel is about 3-4 dollars.
weather. it was sunny until October 31, then (as scheduled) it rained every day, sometimes not stopping for a minute. The temperature is comfortable + 30-32 degrees C. , water 26-28 degrees C.
Money. Local dongs, I already wrote about the course, you can change it on the street where the BBQ is located - if you go towards the sea, on the left side there are 3-4 exchangers, there is also a hand-speaking travel agency for excursions (we ordered vouchers on the beach, very convenient, wrote down, gave a voucher , on the day of the tour they took it, paid for it on their return). For comparison, it is convenient to convert dongs into rubles = removing 3 zeros and multiplying by 3. For example, tiger beer 12.000 dongs = 12 * 3 = 36 rubles.

Flight home. Registration without problems. 20 kg baggage and 5 kg hand luggage for 1 person, if the overweight is 1 kg = $ 15.2 liters of alcohol per person, in hard-shell luggage. Fruits are usually carried in hand luggage, in baskets. Duty free at Cam Ranh airport. There is everything, but 2-3 times more expensive. Alcohol, perfumes, coffee, souvenirs, both local and imported. Departure was delayed for 1 hour, flew 9 hours, fed 2 times. I met Koltsovo normally, border control, luggage, and here it is at home.
Summary. I liked the country, but the second time only in the absence of a choice, Thai or GOA is better, in my opinion. Have a good rest everyone. Smile at the locals and get only good in return!
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