Dubai is the city of the future, but no sex!

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Hello everyone! How are you without me? I drove to Dubai here, and my mind was clouded - well, very cool!

Read and enjoy! (Almost newspaper version)

There is an opinion that everything is very expensive in the United Arab Emirates, so some tourists are very reluctant to agree to go there. But my mother and I took a chance, and did not regret it at all - the impressions of the trip were unforgettable. Moreover, now planes fly to the UAE directly from Zaporozhye. Although our airport is unprepossessing, it works properly.

The beginning of December is a great time to travel to the UAE: the air temperature is no longer 40 degrees, and the water in the Persian Gulf is warm and pleasant. We chose an inexpensive hotel, and who was going to sit in it? There is a lot to see in the Emirates. Dubai amazes with its tall beautiful buildings made of glass and concrete, chic roads, and in the evening all this is also bizarrely glowing. But first things first.

Beaches. No locker rooms and a beautiful tan

The beaches are sandy and clean. As a rule, tourists are transported from hotels to the beach and back for free, but if you want to explore another place, taxis and metro will help you. We went to Dubai Marina - there are skyscrapers literally 150 meters from the coastline. There are many cafes and shops nearby, you can even find a favorite delicacy of beachgoers - corn, but not boiled, but baked, and roasted chestnuts. Camels are led along the beach - well, what about without them? The only negative is that there are no changing rooms, you had to change clothes in the toilets or near the fences, because the bushes simply do not exist in Dubai. Sunbeds and awnings are paid, about $ 25 per day, so many vacationers dragged beach umbrellas with them. The vaunted Internet palm trees do not distribute the Internet, under them you can only sit in the shade. But the sea is beyond praise! And the tan is beautiful.

Food. If you want to lose weight, go to the UAE!

The food, to put it mildly, is not very tasty. In our hotel, you could only eat yogurt and boiled eggs for breakfast, the "chef's" dishes were a complete Pakistani nightmare. Many Ukrainian tourists brought with them 5 kg of sausages, canned food, cereals, etc. for a week. But refrigerators in hotels are very small, they freeze poorly, so by the end of the week all strategic sausages can easily go rotten. If you have an apartment with a kitchen, you can cook yourself, if not, you will have to eat dry foods from the supermarket. It will be cheaper than lunch and dinner in restaurants where the average check is from $40 per person. And not the fact that you will like the food. There is no national cuisine as such in the Emirates, and inexpensive cafes are mainly run by Indians and Pakistanis, and they cook according to their traditions - with a bunch of spices. My mother and I yearned for borscht and dumplings, and in the evenings we ate canned food and fruits from the supermarket, but by the end of the trip, my shorts began to fall off, which could not but rejoice.

Sights, roads and distances

Antiquities in the UAE - the cat cried, but the modern architecture is striking and mesmerizing. The metro in Dubai is elevated, and the stations themselves look like spaceships, the exits to the metro are also elevated pedestrian crossings. It is full of people, the transitions are long, we did not like it - it is very tiring and noisy. It was much more convenient to ride a tram - beautiful skyscrapers are better seen from it. You can walk the streets endlessly - the sidewalks are smooth, clean and beautiful. Only here are the distances...

Dubai "around the corner" and "at hand" is something like our "to hell in the middle of nowhere. " If you don’t know the city, then you can easily get lost in the three towers - the unusual and, in general, monotonous architecture is very disorienting. This is used by cunning taxi drivers who deliberately cut circles around the city in order to rip off more money from tourists, and besides, the roads are designed with almost no left turns. So, for example, Google maps showed that it was only 1.1 km in a straight line from my hotel to the nightclub, and more than 8 km in a “Pakistani” taxi. With right turns, of course. By the way, according to the meter in a taxi, not only the mileage is counted, but also the time spent in the car, so God forbid you get stuck in a traffic jam, you will have to part with a decent amount of money.

Night entertainment discos, sex, alcohol

Alcohol is expensive, it's better to take it with you - from home, to duty free, etc. There is no Prohibition in Dubai, you can have a glass in restaurants and cafes, but it's a little expensive - a Cosmopolitan cocktail costs about 20 bucks, a glass of beer - 20-30 dirhams, wine - 25-40. But for girls in nightclubs there is a very good promotion LADIES NIGHTS Dubai. On certain days of the week, you can go to different establishments and drink for free. I have chosen the Lucky Voice nightclub, where you can drink 4 drinks on the ball to choose from - wine, vodka with cola, or their signature cocktail. The atmosphere there is cheerful, people are relaxed, of all skin colors and nationalities. Two DJs, one black - put on a standard disc player, and after one in the morning a second one came - a little Spaniard. A real fecaloid, and his friends were all so cool, in dreadlocks, in tattoos. He put on completely different music, some wild African tunes, and all the people were rocking on the dance floor like crazy. I went there 2 times - there I made girlfriends - a black woman and a Thai, the guard made eyes, and the charming Filipino bartender even brought me the last cocktail when I overstayed the time - free swill is served exactly until 24.00.

I was in another place, but there was a bar for consummation. Discharged priestesses of love with boobs outward inspiredly seduced some half-dead and boring potential sponsors, on the stage the girls of obviously Slavic appearance tried to imitate erotic dances, but their dull ass-bicycle antics, as for me, caused those present only longing for rolls. Most of all in this institution I liked the grandfather in a leopard suit, he passed. I finished my wine and left. The security guard asked: "You didn't like it at all? " "It's a sad sight to see this consumption of yours, " I replied. “Well, this is Dubai, ” my interlocutor answered me. He told me that he himself was from Egypt, and enlightened me a little about local customs: “If you like a man, then it will be difficult to make love. in hotels the police will be called immediately. Only some hotels allow their guests to visit each other, other options are prohibited. Yes, there are places where, let's say, they don't follow this very much, for a certain amount, but you need to know them" .

Yes, this is not Egypt or Cuba for you. . . I met a man in a bar, gave him my phone number. He, apparently, was trying to somehow resolve the issue of a meeting place, and called my hotel. Of course, he didn't tell me anything. God, what's going on here! I was called to the reception and began to exhort that a man from the street is not allowed, only from a hotel and all that... I stand, I don’t understand anything, what kind of man, what street? In general, as you understand, nothing happened, which is a pity. . .


We planned to take several excursions, but only went to the Indian Ocean, to the emirate of Fujairah. We left at 7 am, gathered the rest of the group for 2 hours, then drove for 4 hours - well, quite "at hand". On the way, the guide Vladimir inspiredly, in the style of a Soviet tribune, told us about sheikhs and camels, and at stops they tried to sell us carpets, mangoes, dates and God knows what else. Finally, we arrived at the Sandy Beach Hotel and the guide offered us to swim with a mask and snorkel, admire the corals and fish. But the water in the ocean was muddy and dirty, with oil stains, and I would not recommend swimming to the corals without fins even for those who are good swimmers. After the difficult swim back and forth of the poor fellow, the tourists even managed to get to the pool, although it was really close to it, and the pool was really cool. It's good that the tour included lunch, and that was the best part of the program. Outside the restaurant, skinny, eared cats meowed hoarsely, begging for a handout. We cautiously scooped food into our plates, mindful of the "charms" of Indian-Pakistani cuisine, but when we started eating, we understood why the cats yelled so loudly. It was simply indecently delicious, words can not convey!

We returned late in the evening, having stood in traffic jams for more than an hour on the way. The seats on the bus were hard, the back and buttocks ached unbearably. The guide Vladimir, apparently, also experienced discomfort, as he strove to jump up from his seat. At parting, he sang a song for us, so inspired that some guy in a car crashed into our bus. Thank God the scratch on the bus was minor and we didn't have to stop for long. That same evening, I canceled all other group tours. Then we went on our own - it turned out to be more convenient and cheaper.

You can ride Arab dhows along the artificially dug Dubai Marina canal for 35-40 dollars per person instead of 50-70 as part of an excursion, the main thing is to get to the pier and have a good bargain with the captain. We admired the famous hotel in the form of a sail from Jumeirah Beach - tourists are not allowed inside. You can go there only by booking a table in a restaurant, where the average check is $ 200 per person. The famous Dubai singing fountains near the world's tallest Burj Khalifa are a tourist disappointment in general. They work only 5 minutes every half hour, the show is very weak. The Kiev fountain show is much cooler, and in Batumi it is generally beyond praise. We didn’t go to the desert - I don’t like sand and extreme sports, especially, as we were told, many fans of riding on sand dunes during the trip are mercilessly sick. Of all the attractions, we liked the Miracle Garden in Dubai the most. This is really the most beautiful creation of human hands, and even in the middle of a barren desert.

Miracle Garden Dubai

All sorts of guides there excitedly say: whoever has not been to the desert has not been to the Emirates. But, in my opinion, he has not really seen Dubai who has not visited Miracle Garden Dubai. This is one of the largest flower parks in the world, was created in Dubai in 2013. It is open to visitors only from October to May, as it is very hot in the summer months, and at this time the garden workers develop and create new attractions, the expositions in Miracle Garden change annually. This season we saw Mickey Mouse, funny ducklings, horses, dancing ballerinas and huge Cheshire cats. The garden is designed very conveniently, for visitors tired of photo shoots, hammocks are provided in which you can wallow until closing time.

Miracle Garden Dubai was created not only for the entertainment of tourists. One of the goals of the project was to show how wastewater can be used rationally. After all, thanks to a carefully designed drip irrigation system, for which water from the sewer is used, this man-made oasis in the middle of the desert exists. And Dubai itself is one of the modern wonders of the world.

The United Arab Emirates is a young state, in early December, the inhabitants of the UAE celebrated the 48th anniversary of the founding of their country. Large oil fields provided the UAE with rapid economic growth, and competent financial and investment management made it possible to create comfortable and amazingly beautiful cities of the future among the barren desert. Currently, the UAE ranks second in the world in terms of water desalination, trade and exports are growing, and the flow of tourists and labor migrants is increasing. And when you look at all this magnificence in the middle of absolutely uninhabitable territories, you involuntarily think about the fate of Ukraine. We have both fertile land and water, and wonderful hardworking people, and we live in comparison with the UAE as if in the Middle Ages. But let's hope for the best!

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