How to arrange a trip to the UAE for Expo 2020 via Abu Dhabi

26 January 2022 Travel time: with 18 January 2022 on 25 January 2022
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I will describe here all the nuances during the trip to Expo 2020, regarding the flight through Abu Dhabi.

Are the requirements for vaccinated people relevant: Yes.

Travel duration: 1 week (18.01-25.01).

Airline: Wizz

Destination city: Abu Dhabi

What if the duration is less than a week: I don't know.

What if the arrival and departure is not through Abu Dhabi: I don't know.

PCR tests:

  • The first one is 48 hours before departure.
  • The second one is free of charge immediately upon arrival, the result comes in 3 hours
  • The third one - on the sixth day at your own expense - can be handed in near the Expo for 150 dirhams, the result comes up to 8 hours, we got it in 4 hours.

  • Important: during the PCR test on the 6th day, it is necessary to clarify that you are taking the PCR test specifically for the flight back. This PCR is different from free ones, which in some cases can be taken at Expo 2020 %27%D1%94%D0%B4%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%96+%D0%90%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B1%D1%81%D1.8C%D0%BA%D1%96+%D0%95%D0%BC%D1%96%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B8/@24.9638485, 55.1439477, 20.04z/data=! 4m1.1m7 3m6 1s0x3e5f43496ad9c645:!! ! 0xbde66e508429516.2z0JTRg9Cx0LDRlyAtINCe0LEn0ZTQtNC90LDQvdGWINCQ0YDQsNCx0YHRjNC60ZYg0JXQvNGW0YDQsNGC0Lg 3b1 8m2 3d25.2048493 4d55.2707828 3m4 1s0x3e5f72d195d329b3:!!!!!!!!! ! 0x63e0ab2343f483a7 8m2 3d24.9638885 4d55.1439965 "target =" _ blank "> here (24/7). At least that's how it was explained to us.

    Before departure from Ukraine, you must fill out the form on the website and instantly receive a QR code by mail. The codes definitely come to gmail and don't come to ukr. net. If the site gives a “Data Not found” error, try again in a day. That is, it is better to fill out the form in a week. If the site gave another error, but the QR code was sent to the mail, that's enough.

    Green pass is what allows you to cross the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    The Green Pass app is called Alhosn. It is advisable to install it before traveling.

    After arriving in Abu Dhabi

    At the airport, pass the test almost without a queue and go through control, at the control you will be given your identifiers for Alhosn. During the test, you need to give your phone number in English. I advise you to write it on a piece of paper in advance, it will be easier.

    As soon as you receive an SMS with the result of the test, you can log in to Alhosn and you will have a Green pass. You cannot log in to Alhosn until you receive an SMS with the test result.

    In the application you will see that your Green pass is green until the date of the next PCR test, on the sixth day after arrival inclusive. The date of the next delivery will be indicated in the application.

  • Without a green Green pass, it is impossible to board a transport that is heading from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Even if by some miracle you sit down, you will not be able to pass the police control at the border between the emirates.
  • Without a negative reverse PCR, you can't board a WIZZ plane.
  • As a result, what to take with you to the airport of departure in Ukraine:

  • Registered WIZZ tickets with which you go to the check-in desk anyway.
  • QR code received by mail. It is only needed to board the plane. We printed it, but it looks like it can be shown from the phone.
  • Insurance covering covid. She was not checked, but without her they may not be allowed on the flight.

  • Printed negative PCR test in English with QR code and stamp, taken 48 hours before departure.
  • What to pack for departure from Abu Dhabi:

  • Electronic registered WIZZ tickets
  • Alhosn application, where the green reverse PCR will glow with the corresponding due date.
  • PCR results appear automatically in the Alhosn app.
  • Important points about Expo 2020:

  • All these difficulties are worth it, believe me.
  • All buses to and from Expo are free for people with Expo 2020 tickets
  • Also a free bus from Abu Dhabi (from the bus station and directly from the airport) to Expo 2020 and back (On the way 01:50)
  • If the schedule of the free bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi does not suit you: then the city bus costs 25 dirhams, you need to pay with a travel card.
  • On Fridays, the metro starts running just as early as on other days (like from 5 in the morning). On all days, the metro stops running no earlier than midnight, on some days even later.
  • Expo 2020 metro station is right next to the exhibition entrance.
  • Choose accommodation so that there is either a metro station near the Expo and the train journey is no more than 30 minutes, or one of the free buses stops near your hotel.
  • Free buses run every 5 minutes along the district around the Expo, if you are suddenly tired of walking from zone to zone. But when you walk, you are more likely to see something that is not on the lists.
  • How many days are needed for Expo 2020? Personally, we were 6 days back to back. But I read on the Internet that a day is enough for someone.
  • You need to install an Expo 2020 offer that will guide you on the map and help you plan your visit to the pavilions.
  • How to get the most out of Expo 2020? The application has the Smart Queue option, it allows you to book a visit to the pavilion for a specific time. You can keep up to 10 active bookings. This option will greatly simplify your visit to the exhibition and save you from queues. The application works correctly only if the correct time zone is set on the phone, in my case it was necessary to activate the checkbox "Automatic time detection" in the phone.

  • There are some pavilions that are not connected to the smart queue. Specifically, Germany, and there is always a queue. To avoid problems, come at 10 am on a weekday, the queue will take up to 15 minutes.
  • Japan Pavilion can only be booked daily from 9am.
  • Show. Many pavilions have shows that are not listed in the Expo 2020 app. The schedule must be found in the pavilions themselves. The best shows, in our opinion, were shown by Thailand, every day is different.
  • Shows that are divided into unique and permanent in the list of the application itself, plan so that you don't miss unique ones.
  • There is no need to book a show or a waterfall, there will be enough places for everyone.
  • Waterfall and Korea Pavilion are best visited in the evening, very beautiful backlighting.
  • Souvenir shops at the Expo sell special passports for 20 dirhams, in which you can collect stamps of visits to each pavilion.
  • Internet and water throughout Expo 2020 are free.
  • Food. The prices are very different. We ate at a Malaysian restaurant for 25 dirhams per dish or at Dominos 45 dirham pizza and 10 dirham potatoes. Coffee and cakes for 10 dirhams in a restaurant near Australia.
  • Safari to the desert with extreme sports on the dunes.

    We bought from this site for AED 150 per person. Without prepayment. Payment on the spot - in cash. The food was good and plentiful, soft drinks are also included.

    Schedules of some buses

    From Expo to Abu Dhabi Airport (less than 2 hours drive)

    From Abu Dhabi Bus Station to Expo(less than 2 hours drive)

    From the Expo to different directions

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