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Journeys to the wonders of the world
Long live all lovers of history and historically significant places of our planet!!! My name is Ognin Platon Alekseevich. I decided to fulfill the most desired dream of my whole life, namely to visit the most unique corners of our vast planet, to see and touch the great creation of both our ancest...
 •  12 years ago
barrier reef
First of all, it must be said that there is such a town as AIRLEY BEACH Airlie Beach, something like Gurzuf, a small tropical one with a port and an airport. And near this place there are 52 tropical islands around!
 •  13 years ago
Australia! Just Australia...! :)
Australia! Just Australia…  ! Sunny morning on the twenty-fifth of December two thousand and ten. A white taxi slowly taxis onto the flyover that leads from the airport to the city.
 •  13 years ago
Tour of Australia and New Zealand
My life turned out so happily that I traveled a lot. In what only intricate countries I have not visited! It is probably easier to list those in which I have not yet been.
 •  14 years ago
Holidays in Australia
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. With the weather, we can say that we were lucky, there were not so many rainy days. It was a very correct decision that we arrived in Melbourne at night, after all, the flight takes a lot of energy and we gladly went to bed a few hours after accommodatio...
 •  14 years ago
It's worth going to Australia at least for the sake of zoos.
Family traveled to Sydney in March. Impressions are amazing! At first, they were afraid that it would be difficult for children to fly for such a long time (and not only for children), but as a result, with a stop in Tokyo, with excursions, real Japanese cuisine, etc.
 •  15 years ago
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