Great budget hotel!!!

Written: 11 september 2022
Travel time: 8 — 15 september 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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I am writing this review directly from the hotel. Especially before me, the last time they spoke about him was 4 years ago. The hotel is undeservedly neglected. Let me tell you, it's all relative. There are 4 of us here, 2 adults. +2 children If we paid for 7 nights here, let's say 2000 dollars, I would probably say, well, it does not hold out. And we paid, for a minute for a family, 850 dollars. (34 thousand UAH), EVERYTHING is included, but the family came by car at their own expense. To be honest, I expected less for the money. Even in shock. I like everything, if you do not walk and do not look for flaws. There is so much food that wow, delicious and varied. After Egypt, it really feels like in Turkey)) The rooms are normal, not Luxe, but we have a two-room suite with air conditioning in each room, with a TV in each room, a refrigerator, a kettle, although we do not use them. Walk 5 minutes to the sea and what a sea, this is the sea! And the beach is huge and you can walk and run.
At sea, sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, but we are with towels and so on, in fact there is no time to lie, constantly moving. At the territory of the hotel there is a children's water park and just a swimming pool for those who like to swim. In general, for such ridiculous money in 2022 it’s just great! There is everything for a comfortable stay. I will make a comparison, for two now in Egypt a week costs 1500 thousand dollars, the hotel has an average 4 *. Turkey generally snickered, from $ 2500 for two.
And here $850 for 4 people. Do not doubt. I'm adding a photo.
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