Excellent hotel!

Written: 30 june 2024
Travel time: 19 — 23 june 2024
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Rooms: 9.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 10.0
Amenities: 9.0
I vacationed with my grandchildren in this hotel for the first time, everyone liked it, we will come back next year (as soon as the horror of Durankulak customs is forgotten).

Children especially liked the variety of pools and slides, water structures, and precisely because children cope with the descent on their own, and adults do not need to stand in long lines on the toboggans to go down with the child (as in the Hotel Laguna Park & ​ ​ Aqua Club). Grandchildren are 5.6 and 9 years old. Absolutely delighted, we will definitely come again.

The food is delicious. But WiFi is failing.

Upon returning from Bulgaria, they kept Durankulak at customs, in completely dirty conditions, for more than 4 hours, this is so bad that I will no longer recommend Bulgaria to families with small children.
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