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Written: 17 august 2022
Travel time: 6 — 14 august 2022
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I bought a ticket for 9 nights in the hope of getting a good rest, but it was not there! So the beginning of our vacation, the departure was from the city of Chernivtsi, the carrier VK-tour took us, buses from the last century and this is for 70 € per person! There is no toilet, the TV does not work, there is no Internet, it is not possible to charge the phone - but there is a boorish driver who all the time tried to plug headphones into non-working monitors, they were not allowed into the duty free, they were let out to the toilet only after 5 hours and where it was beneficial for drivers (toilets smelly and all paid but the drivers went for free). The trip started at 14:00 brought us to Bulgaria to Marvel at 5 am. We arrived at the hotel, and there the view was a disaster - everywhere there was dirt, empty bottles, glasses, everything was sticky and dirty. Furniture with torn upholstery, an antediluvian hall that needs to be repaired a long time ago and does not correspond to reality!
The manager came and loudly told us that he would only communicate in Russian (they don’t like Ukrainians in Bulgaria), and whoever doesn’t understand is a moron and for morons he will speak English! We were immediately told - breakfast is not supposed to go where you want and look for your own food, they gave lunch Thank God and salted it at 14:00 in the afternoon, for a minute we drove for 18 hours by bus and sat in the hall from 5 in the morning, there is no concept of early settlement in the Bulgarians! She dragged the suitcases to the room herself, but the porter brought everything to the Croats, Moldovans and Romanians on a cart, the woman with the child gave 1 € in the hope that her suitcases would be taken - but the miracle did not happen!
The room was cleaned in a hurry, the floors in the bathroom were wet for Providence 9 nights we didn’t cut it, they never cleaned it, although the Moldovans, Romanians and Croats were cleaned every day! Shampoo and soap were brought once, there were no slippers, there was no hair dryer. The Marvel hotel opposes itself as 4 *.

We went to the administrator, they said when the room cleaning would come, he made a surprised look, they say, and that they didn’t clean it like that, as a result, at lunchtime, the Bulgarian woman, stunned with indignation, threw clean towels at us, and this is on the 4th day of our stay, she will pelisos to the question and change the bed and where she yelled the shampoo - uno they say once and that’s enough for you, in the company they promised us a view from the room for an extra charge, but we had a view of another hotel, a shady court and a piece of the sea, in front of the Marvel hotel there is a huge chic hotel with apparently at sea and at the same pricing policy as Marvel, but no one offered it to us! The dining room is small, dirty (there is a dirt exit), the food is tasteless, there is nothing special, every day the same thing, there was no fish, three types of fruit - apples, pears and nectarine, but when the Poles and Croats arrived, good sausage, grapes appeared , a pineapple.
While you are eating, a cart is driving around the hall and impudently bursts your plates there from under your nose. The staff is out of uniform and always dirty. At the bar, I can only mention those guys who worked at the bar in the dining room, this is the only plus, the guy who was at the pool at the bar just scoffed, poured one sip and that’s it, as if I poured from my pocket, all the cocktails that he made were just terrible bad taste! Territory - dirty, small, not well-groomed. The pool is like a lawn - does not match the photo! There is no place to change at the pool! There are no cabins on the beach either, all the beaches are municipal and dirty, an umbrella and a trestle bed are 12 levs and this is before lunch after dinner, pay again! Entertainment at the Marvel Hotel - zero! There is no music in the pool, there is no entertainment at all if you are with a child, this is hard labor for him. Mud and the Marvel Hotel are synonymous! They evicted us at 12 noon, they didn’t give us lunch, it’s good that they even gave us breakfast! Hotel Marvel - does not pull on 4 * in any way, this is a miserable hotel from the USSR.
The room was only cleaned when we moved out. The VK-tour was late for the stop from where they picked us up, although while we were waiting in the hall, other Carriers came right under the hotel and looked for their tourists, but we ran to the stop in the heat and waited there for another 30 minutes in the heat, the stops for the toilet were after 5 hours. VK-tour is the worst carrier in my life! And most importantly, the tour trip was sold to us Mega-tour st. Head office 178 Chernivtsi Manager Nelly, you liar!
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