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15 July 2021 Travel time: with 07 July 2021 on 14 July 2021
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Now Egypt needs a certificate with a test. So. Check with the operator in which clinic it is better to do the test.

We were not lucky in this regard. They did not like our certificate, as well as the certificates of about thirty people. Although everything was fine with us with help, they said to do the test again, and this is $ 30 per person. When people tried to rebel, the doctor began to yell, point his finger back to everyone and say, or do the entire test for 5 minutes, or deportation to Ukraine, and everyone calmed down. When we tried to reason with and check the qr-code, he pointed the phone, quickly turned it off and said that it was a fake.

A bunch of nerves, money, the situation itself. It was such an impertinence and surprise that it didn't even occur to us to scan the code on our phone. Although I don't know if that would solve the problem.

Be prepared for this turn of events. First of all, they look at the print. Check with tour operators how you should be in such a situation.

Everything else was wonderful. Sea, sun, reefs, fish, people. Everything is fine! )

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