Old city of El Dahar

20 November 2021 Travel time: with 13 November 2021 on 20 November 2021
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Normal tourists, relax in a hotel with a cocktail on a sun lounger, and go on excursions at most. But Lena's asshole did not want to sit quietly and peacefully and was torn in search of adventure. And now we are already taking a taxi along the road, and we are not going to places where it is safe and full of tourists... But to the old city of El Dahar. This is an area in Hurghada where you can, so to speak, taste the real Egypt. After all, this is the most colorful part of the city, where, it seems, most of the locals live and the fewest hotels are located. Hmm. . . Yes, you can really see non-tourist Africa here.

The fruit market was very impressive, very juicy, tasty and varied. . . but everything else. . . A very poor area where it is hard to meet tourists, so everyone pays attention to you, and you feel like some kind of mice in a jar. The Egyptians pester, almost grab by the hand, trying to sell their goods, which seem to have been in their windows for more than a year. Prices are kept no cheaper, and sometimes more expensive than on the Sheraton tourist shopping street itself. The taxi driver handed us over to some accompanying guy, who said that it was not safe to walk there himself, and he accompanied us everywhere, and accordingly led us to specific points, souvenir shops and shops, which annoyed me even more.

In general, realizing that buying something other than fruit there is generally pointless, an hour later I persistently wanted to leave there. Feelings from this place are very twofold. Probably not recommended for tourists. Somehow I didn't feel safe there. But even here a real quest began called pay off the taxi driver who has no task. And all exchange offices and banks are closed on Friday. But that's a completely different story.

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