The hotel is not 5* far

Written: 23 august 2023
Travel time: 14 — 20 august 2023
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To begin with, this hotel was recommended by everyone and sundry, starting with a travel agent and ending with friends of acquaintances. Well, ok, we have chosen a hotel, beautiful according to the pictures, good according to the reviews, what else is needed for happiness? The departure was at 12:10, a week before departure, they report that the transfer of the flight to 19:50, great??? ? flyone, who cares to read the reviews before going anywhere, we unfortunately read the reviews about everything a little late.
We flew to the hotel, the picture is beautiful and true, but from this place in more detail:
We arrived at the hotel at 23:50, filled out the documents, and took us to dinner. From food, in short: fried chicken / fish as you like and pasta, that's it. Just a moment the concept of UAL

Okay, they pushed it off that they were tired from the road, tomorrow will be better, let's go to the room. They gave a good room, overlooking the sea, next to a restaurant, if you can call it that, in general, the room is super and this is the only super thing that pleased us during our entire stay there)
In the morning we went to the main restaurant and were stunned that there was enough of everything, but was it tasty? We took a sandwich with cheese and coffee))) this is why we came to ultra all inclusive; )
Stunned by what was happening and went to the beach. The sea is of course ideal, but here is the entrance to it . . everyone always crowds on this staircase, there is no passage, you have to push people to enter ????
Then we went to the pool, I won’t even waste time telling about it, I’ll attach a photo. The only thing I will say is that it is very hot outside and no less hot in the pool, can't you think of something to make it a little less cool????
For lunch there were soups, pasta, meat, made like ala khachapuri. The water is all diluted, be it juice, be it smoothies. Save on everything, absolutely.
Dinner is the same. I saw people write about seafood, once they gave shrimp, that's all. I didn't see any fish. There was chicken in batter, the same fish. There are a lot of sweets, for an amateur.
There was nothing for entertainment. The animation leaves a lot to be desired. Exercise is carried out, dances in the pool sometimes, and then the animators dance as if they were forced, especially the girl there is white, she tries very hard
In general, there was no entertainment in the morning or in the evening, although according to people's reviews, they are almost 24/7.
They also serve burgers, french fries and pizza. How can you find something to eat, there is simply something to compare with and this is far from 5 * and not far from UAL and not far from this is the best hotel)
Maybe we were lucky, maybe that's the way it is and has been.
It is very hot, there is nowhere even to cool down except for the room under the conder.
In any case, the vacation passed the norms, tanned, bought)
But in this hotel I advise you to go - I will not)))
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