Terrible hotel!

Written: 18 january 2022
Travel time: 2 — 9 january 2022
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Rooms: 3.0
Service: 2.0
Cleanliness: 6.0
Food: 5.0
Amenities: 3.0
I paid a lot of money for the holiday. I had a family room booked. However, upon arrival, I was settled in a room that looked more like a garbage dump. Later I was nevertheless moved to room 1201. I would like to note that the hotel is very old and dilapidated. The attitude towards tourists in the hotel is unfriendly. The pool is shallow. On the beach, all the sunbeds are occupied, and if they are not occupied, then they are broken. Drinks at the bar are of very poor quality. The pontoon on the beach is rusty and slippery. You can’t get into a la carte restaurants, as it’s impossible to sign up. I especially want to note the disgusting work of the guest relation. Three or four Russian girls walk along the beach and pester with the question "do you have a good rest", or call the room with the same question. However, when asked to help sign up for an a la carte restaurant, I heard SO much negativity! One girl said it wasn't her job and that she didn't get enough money to do it. All the girls from the guest relation speak boorishly, brushing off tourists like annoying flies. Later, the general manager of the hotel approached us. I thought it would solve our problem. But no. He just mumbled "sorry, sorry. " And that's it. We were never booked into the restaurant! I would also like to note the lack of adult animation, as such. Children's animation is boring and monotonous. Terrible hotel. Worst vacation ever. Guest relation Special thanks for ruining the holiday.
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