First flight to Croatia 04.07

06 July 2020 Travel time: with 04 July 2020 on 06 July 2020
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The board is 100% loaded.

Everyone enters the plane wearing masks; during the flight, many masks are removed.

During the flight, the flight attendants give you a wet wipe and a 0.33 liter bottle of water. They collect a pre-filled form (available on the websites of operators and airline 7W).

Upon arrival at Pula airport from the plane - immediately to passport control. The airport is small so everything is nearby. Some were asked to show printed documents - a form, a voucher. We were stamped in our passport without any questions or additional documents. Behind the passport control immediately there are baggage claim belts and an exit to the hall, where representatives with signs meet.

THE TEMPERATURE IS NOT MEASURED IN POOL AIRPORT! In general, apart from masks, nothing reminded of the pandemic here. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t see any hidden settings for determining body temperature anywhere.

There is a cafe in the hall, sale only in Croatian kunas. Euros, dollars can be exchanged at the airport in the Exchange Machine. The exchange rate is unfavorable, but you can change a small amount for the first time, especially since the flight arrives on Saturday and there is nowhere to change it until Monday. The hotel has an exchange, but they charge a commission for the exchange.

The meeting guides immediately warned that many hotels were closed, so tourists would be accommodated in hotels of a higher category. I don’t know about all the hotels, but those who booked ZORNA (AI) and ISTRA (HB) hotels are moved to ALBATROS (AI), and despite the fact that Albatros works on AI, ISTRA remains on half board. Those who booked Delfin Plava Laguna are accommodated in the Plavi Hotel.

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