Lapad beach and old town

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My wife decided that to Croatia, and I decided that to Dubrovnik.

My wife decided that in the apartments, and I decided that on the Lapad beach.

As a result, we got this view from the window:

It was about 120 meters to the water. But the apartments were so luxurious that each time it took effort to shake yourself out of them and throw yourself at least 30 meters towards the beach. At 30 it was necessary to drop it, because after 10 meters there was a fresh bakery shop, where warm donuts with chocolate filling were always sold. And it was necessary to transfer it.

And when I reached the beach and dived, then no further effort was required. Because the water in Croatia is always fresh and inspiring for all sorts of feats, such as jumping off cliffs, marching around Dubrovnik, or a 3-hour tour of the walls of the Old City. . .

Old Town

The old town in Dubrovnik is not interesting. Of course, it is large, very old, perfectly preserved, completely filled with tourists from end to end. But all some kind of souvenir, not like in the city of Sen, about which Nikolay writes here.

You can't just come and sit in a normal restaurant - everything was booked in early August. In the evening, you can sit down only in mediocre. You can eat, but you can't enjoy.

We managed to find a place only after 22.00. This, by the way, is one of the most inexpensive restaurants in the Old Town, and at the same time, they fed with soul. We were sitting right here, on the last table on the right:

We walked and walked around the Old City, and we see that people walk not down the streets, but up the walls. Obviously, we wanted to. And we went along the wall to look for the entrance. It is clear that sooner or later we would have found him, but sooner or later it did not work out. The signs led down, then up, then to the restaurant, and then in a circle. In general, when we went upstairs, it was already half past five and there was a sign in Croatian at the entrance: “Entrance to the wall until 17-30. The price is 200 kunas. That's almost €30! At the same time, no one will lead you, tell you, wave a fan, or at least hold an umbrella over your head. By the way, it's a pity, because it's hot on the walls, even in the evening.

But the views are beautiful:

It is very interesting to look at the roofs. Firstly, no corrugated board, only thick tiles. I am even sure that in Dubrovnik there is a law forbidding roofs to be covered with anything other than tiles. Secondly, when their tiles begin to leak after 200 years, they change them, but not completely, but only by half. That is, the old layer is left as a “house”, and the lower layer is replaced with a new one, because the hydro-load on it is several times higher.

Having crossed half the wall and spent 2 hours on it, we realized that we risked spending the night here. We decided to speed up. But as soon as we decided this, some unmarked man blocked our way and began to persistently point to one of the exits. Faith with the children managed to slip through, but my friend and I did not. They began to call - did not hear. Follow them. . . And the wall is not just a path along the top, there are turrets, steps, turn signals, levels. . . In general, we caught up, returned. We poke him tickets and ask when we can return? And he took the tickets and how he laughs! Says you can go now! It turns out that usually everyone goes to the wall near the Pilska Gate, and after making a circle, they go down there. And we went in an atypical way somewhere near the Fortress of St. Ivan, which he did not know about. As an apology, he accompanied us right up to the exit near the Fortress. Or maybe not as an apology, but because he wanted to make sure that the last visitors did not spend the night on his wall.

Having gone down already at dusk, hungry and tired, we decided that it was more important to skimp after the heat than to eat. And we went to look for the city beach of Dubrovnik. It was marked on the map very close:

We walked along the fortress wall 3 times in the place where the icon on the map was, but there was no sign of the beach! We ask "local tourists". They show us a dark door in the wall without a sign, a little wider than my shoulder, and shorter than human height - and they say that there is a beach. If not for "3 times along the wall", I would have laughed at the joke. But no! Inside the thick wall, a tunnel with steps zigzags up to rocky terraces typical of Croatia.

After the heat of the day, they swam eagerly, almost in complete darkness and naked! And then they ran to dinner and ate so much that they barely rolled out of the Old City.

Photo before:



1. You should visit the Old Town, but don't expect much.

2. You need to climb the Walls, but it's better in the morning from 8.

3. You need to swim on the Dubrovnik City Beach. Ideal - naked and in the dark.

To be continued!

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