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Cortina dAmpezzo
№2. Giau Pass
Cortina dAmpezzo
Cortina dAmpezzo
Cortina dAmpezzo
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Road trip in Europe 2017. The beauty of the mountain village of Italy turned my head.
Ah!!! After the beauty of the Cortina di Ampezzo area, I decided to drive further along the Dolomites along the mountain roads. I also wanted to relax in a quiet, calm and beautiful village.
 •  7 years ago
Road trip in Europe 2017. Cortina di Ampezzo. View from a height of 3258 meters.
My height in the Dolomites. I advise everyone to look at my photos. Today is 07/30/2017. How quickly time and summer flies. Early in the morning, I decided to go to the ski lift to climb the highest mountain.
 •  7 years ago
Road trip in Europe 2017. Hello Cortina di Ampezzo, Italy.
How long it took me to visit you. It seems to me that if I close my eyes, I will freely walk along the main street of Cortina di Ampezzo. I theoretically studied the city in such a way that it was as if I had already been here.
 •  7 years ago
Road trip in Europe 2017. Falzarego Pass. Italy.
He's a Mountain Eagle. Tourists go high in the mountains with him. When there was about twenty minutes drive to Cortina di Ampezzo, after a long climb uphill, I unexpectedly left for the Falzarego pass (2117 meters).
 •  7 years ago
Autotravel by car in Europe 2017. The mountain road of Italy conquered me.
I didn't make it to Cortina di Ampezzo this time either. Forgive me my critics, but I really want to convey the beauty of northern Italy. Apparently, I will repeat again that I cannot pass by the beauties of the mountain roads of northern Italy.
 •  7 years ago
Road trip in Europe 2017. Cortina di Ampezzo is getting closer.
At the beginning of the journey, when I left Turin, I thought that I would arrive late at night in Cortina di Ampezzo, but I was mistaken. The most beautiful roads in northern Italy do not allow me to drive through beautiful places without stopping.
 •  7 years ago
Road trip in Europe 2017. Road to the famous resort of Cortina di Ampezzo
Today, 07/26/2017, I stopped in the most beautiful mountainous place Caviola di Falcade. As I already wrote, I'm tired of cities, rains, cold and heat, but I like nature more and more.
 •  7 years ago
A true picture of Cortina.
A true picture of Cortina. As everyone knows, the first day is not always the easiest, but in my opinion, the most difficult. At this time, I am sitting on a soft sofa, stretching out my legs buzzing from fatigue, and scroll through the whole day in my head.
 •  8 years ago
The hotel is magnificent, the level of service is excellent, WI-FI is fast, catches everywhere.
Wanted a 5* hotel with a nice pool. Guests of the hotel have a shuttle service to the center of Cortina. You can also call the shuttle back from the Savoi 4 * hotel near the center.
 •  10 years ago
Great holiday in winter
Super vacation in January 2013. Snow was a shaft. Great views. Lots of trails for intermediates and beginners. The slopes are not overloaded with skiers. The hotel has nice staff.
 •  11 years ago
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