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Nairobi National Park. Kenya. Journey to Africa 2018
While traveling in Africa, I saw several national parks that turned out to be not so bright and interesting as I saw them on TV and in descriptions on tourist sites. Let's assume that the sunglasses that hid all this beauty prevented me from doing this.
 •  6 years ago
First day in Nairobi, Kenya. Journey to Africa 2018
I booked a hotel in Nairobi back in September last year from my home computer, although I can do it on the go action to replace it upon arrival. I usually book hotels and buy air tickets three months before the intended departure to the country of my new trip.
 •  6 years ago
Nairobi Zoo, Kenya. Journey to Africa 2018
Despite the fact that Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, completely disappointed me, I still decided to visit the local zoo . On the map, I knew where the zoo was located, but there was no information on how to get to it except for a taxi.
 •  6 years ago
What can I say, my old friend
"Miracle": "Journey through East Africa + vacation in Zanzibar" 6.9. 14 - 21.9. fourteen. "WHAT TO SAY, MY OLD FRIEND, we are only to blame for one thing, that... ”, believing rampant advertising, we expect too much from visiting nature reserves.
 •  9 years ago
Landmark - it is also a landmark in Africa! No wonder the UN headquarters of its environmental program (UNEP) placed in Nairobi, Kenya. After all, the black continent is known primarily for its rich, diverse, unique nature and original peoples and nationalities inhabiting this vast territory.
 •  9 years ago
Side by side with a crocodile
You need to be a real adventurer to go to the distant wild savannah of Africa, but you also need to be an extreme person to live almost in the open air, surrounded by wild animals - this will be provided to you at the Samburu Intrapids hotel.
 •  16 years ago
Mom Kenya
I wanted to write about this trip, It was all crazy to me Fly to distant lands - these are brothers nerves, Wake up in the morning, stunned, there are only blacks around.
 •  16 years ago
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