Shame for the hotel

Written: 26 february 2023
Travel time: 21 — 28 september 2022
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Good afternoon Hello everyone rested with his wife from 21-28.09. 2022 Justiniano Deluxe, lived in Teodor's building, themselves from the Baltics.
The territory is well-groomed, the floors and rooms are clean, which is very pleasant, the staff is polite, the food is good, there could be more seafood.
Generally satisfied with the hotel.
But that's not what we're talking about. I signed up with my wife in the hammam for a massage, the masseur did the wife’s name, I don’t know, only the pseudonym “mami” somewhere after 4 massages, I noticed the wife’s strange behavior, my appetite disappeared. completed a course of 5 massages each.

When we arrived home, I noticed the strange behavior of my wife, she began to walk with the phone and would not part with it 24/7, I became suspicious and wanted to know what was stored on the phone. One morning I managed to pick up the phone and I found in Whatsapp my wife's correspondence with the same masseur "mami" and there was a correspondence like "mami" wrote about intimate relationships with his wife on the massage table, how good it was for him.
After that moment, the wife set a lock on the phone so that I would not find out about the correspondence, and this continues to this day. I learned from my son that he had saved his wife the money that she sent to "mami" it came to a divorce and division of property.
I called the hotel in the lobby there at the reception desk works by the name of Nadia from Ukraine, asked for help, but they refused me.
I appeal to the owners of Justiniano Deluxe Hotel, such a massage therapist as "mami" is a shame for the hotel.
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