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13 September 2021 Travel time: with 11 July 2021 on 15 July 2021
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We were in Istanbul for the first time, and we really liked it - we created our own route without excursions and really got into the spirit of the city. We advise everyone to do this, because only in this way you will see a real city, feel it and this experience will be even better! By the way, now there are many applications on the phone with audio guides for almost all countries of the world. This is a real find for a budget tourist, because for only 5-7 euros you can buy 10-15 audio tours and walk around the city in peace!

The city impresses with its historical monuments, museums, streets, mosques and, of course, with its rich culture and history.

We will definitely return to Istanbul again, because it is impossible to see the city in 1 time????

We will contact the "Red Cat" agency again, as we liked that they quickly picked up a tour for us, and most importantly, they took into account all the nuances that complicated the selection of a tour. Thank you very much for a great vacation!!!

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