Megatour: Istanbul and Cappadocia

23 November 2021 Travel time: with 08 October 2021 on 08 October 2021
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In early October, I was lucky enough to go on a mega tour of Istanbul and Cappadocia. The choice was almost random, and the expectations were vague. I wanted to learn more about Turkey outside the resort area. The 6-day program seemed quite rich and informative.

I will say right away that both assumptions turned out to be absolutely correct. Thanks to the masterful work of the tour organizers, only pleasant surprises happened throughout the trip. This applies not only to the program itself, but also to all issues related to everyday life and movement.

- No delays, fuss or discomfort. At any time it was possible to get answers to emerging questions, from where to go in the evening and what to see, to where you can eat inexpensively and tasty.

- Time for sightseeing, rest and walks clearly coincided with internal needs.

- In Cappadocia, the conditions and service of accommodation seemed higher than the cost of the tour. I was especially impressed by the Sofia Hotel in the city of Avenos. Each hotel room has a unique atmospheric design. One of the evenings, the inspection of other people's rooms turned into a separate fascinating excursion.

- Residents of Turkey also impressed with their hospitality. For example, upon arrival in Cappadocia, on the bus, each of the tour participants received a bottle of water from the driver. This was extremely important, since we arrived at night, when all the shops were closed.

Cappadocia is love at first sight. And not only because of the flight on balloons. I highly recommend the jeep tour, it starts at an unforgettable dawn surrounded by 100 hot air balloons ready to take off, and then you travel with a first-class driver through amazing valleys and mountains with amazing views.

I'm lucky. We were lucky with the weather - sunny and +27 throughout the tour. Lucky with interesting and friendly people in the group. However, it seems that it could not be otherwise. Thanks again Dmitry!

The only thing I regretted a bit was the number of days allotted for Istanbul. The scale and overcrowding of the city did not allow you to really feel its atmosphere in 3 allotted days. I think it's worth going here with a separate tour.

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