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Kruger National Park, South Africa. Journey through Africa 2017-2018
I chose South Africa specifically because of the Kruger Park. I read a lot of stories and reviews about him. It seemed to me that this park has more greenery than other parks in Africa.
 •  6 years ago
Journey to Africa 2017. City of Komatiport, South Africa. Border with Tanzania
Johannesburg To be honest, I'm tired of Johannesburg. The city is like a city, but only in it live solid, very tanned residents who still live in that former beauty of the city, created by white residents who were expelled by eggplants.
 •  6 years ago
Journey to Africa 2017. Johannesburg, South Africa. ZOO
I figured out the security in Johannesburg. The fears are too exaggerated, by those who, apparently, were not there, or simply did not walk around the city, like me. There is no tourist information in the city.
 •  6 years ago
Journey to Africa 2017. Istanbul-Jeddah-Johannesburg.
Saudi Arabia. I was not allowed to take pictures, although I did not like anything there. Journey to Africa 2018. Istanbul-Jeddah-Johannesburg. After a road trip across Europe, I did not want to think about a new trip at all.
 •  6 years ago
Journey through Africa 2017. South Africa. Lion park. South Africa. Lions park.
Still, for me, a laptop is indispensable when traveling. Eggplant residents of South Africa do not know their country at all, as well as its history. It is useless to ask them about anything other than buy and sell.
 •  6 years ago
South Africa: safari, Mandela, black and white… Further everywhere!
I admire very few people in my life. And it's not that I'm a cynic and incapable of rejoicing in other people's achievements, it's just that very few people know how to properly manage the wealth and power that has suddenly fallen on them.
 •  10 years ago
A trip around South Africa by car (a subjective view of South Africa). January 2013
A trip around South Africa by car (a subjective view of South Africa). January 2013 The New Year holidays were approaching. It was necessary to choose a place where they could be held.
 •  11 years ago
If an African invites you to visit...
Perhaps my review of Africa will be the most unusual, because I traveled around South Africa on untrodden tourist trails, by car, and even with a real African! “South Africa is the world leader in the number of murders and rapes.
 •  12 years ago
After last year's Kenyan safari, Africa hooked us so much that we were surprised to find that any attempt to plan our next trip invariably leads us to the African continent.
 •  13 years ago
Journey to the cradle of mankind
At the end of the summer, in August, my wife and I somehow managed to get a vacation. And we decided to go to South Africa. Many dissuaded us, since August is the last winter month in South Africa.
 •  14 years ago
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