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Good hotel
Rested for a week before Christmas. All week the weather was 27-30. The hotel is good. Cleaned up every day. The hotel pool is not wow) There is a transfer to the beach at 10.
 •  11 months ago
Excellent, family vacation
We liked the hotel, cozy, small, polite staff. We rested on the All Inclusive system, there were no problems with food. But the most important thing to note is the responsiveness of the staff.
 •  1 year ago
The hotel does not correspond to 5 arrivals. Good, solid 3!
We stayed at this hotel in May 2021. We pay attention to the following: 1) The all inclusive bracelet is put on at 13:00, and check-in to the room takes place no earlier than the stated time (about 14:00), just like with check-out, the bracelets are removed exactly at 12:00, that is, there is no op...
 •  1 year ago
First time in UAE, overall experience is good
Before deciding to go to the UAE, I read a lot of reviews, everyone shares their general impressions, but there are few specifics, I hasten to share my impressions, while the memories are fresh, I hope this will help you.
 •  1 year ago
Who loves silence will like it
All liked it. Starting from the transfer, checking into the hotel, everything is very fast. The room is bright, spacious, overlooking the ocean. All plumbing is in working order.
 •  1 year ago
Cozy, nice and homely
The hotel was chosen for a long time, we went through more than one option, we were worried about the last one, but the reality exceeded all expectations. Settled on time, immediately upon arrival, the rooms matched the photos and were small but comfortable (lived in the standard).
 •  3 years ago
Review of Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort
Impressions are good, but it is clear that they haven’t done repairs for a long time, there are also issues with smells. The beach is nearby, no questions, there is an island to the right of the hotel, there are reef sharks, turtles, very cool.
 •  3 years ago
The hotel is great!
I am very pleased with the rest of this hotel. Here are the main, in my opinion, the advantages of recreation: - delicious cuisine; - extremely clean water by the sea; - very clean and tidy in the room, cleaning at the highest level; - constant renewal of tea, coffee, etc .
 •  3 years ago
Very greedy and inhospitable hotel!
We rested in this hotel in January 2020. There was no feeling that you were a dear guest, and they were waiting for you here. Our plane landed early, at 6:00 am. By the time we got our luggage, by the time we arrived it was 10:00.
 •  3 years ago
The hotel is not for a beach holiday!
Accommodation: very fast, did not wait! Meals: meager, juices from a pack, canned pineapples, cheeses, yogurt, standard. Cleaning: everything is clean, water is put in 4 bottles.
 •  3 years ago
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