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Almost China)))
Kitchen in the room Loggia Dinner at the hotel The beer is not bad, only warm Delicious vodka, in the store it is called "Chinese liquor" After the trip to the market)) The same sources Congratulations from the hotel to me on DR and it's true))
 •  4 years ago
And again a magnificent Fr. Hainan!
We liked Hainan Island during our February trip, and we didn't see everything planned because of our health. We constantly monitored tours for the near future and for three months in advance, the situation was as follows: it’s more profitable to book back-to-back for 8 days, and it’s more profitable...
 •  5 years ago
SUDDENLY FABULOUS for us the island of HAINAN, communist China in March 2019
Spring was approaching, which means a vacation for 2 weeks, according to the schedule, it is in February! All winter I followed the prices for warm resorts, the list of especially desirable ones was: Tanzania, Hainan, GOA, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand for 10 days, but if it’s very expensive, then Eg...
 •  5 years ago
Hankou and Sanya cities on Hainan island
China, Hainan Island, the cities of Hankou and Sanya. Came to the island quite by accident. Flight Kyiv-Hankou as much as 13.5 hours with refueling in Astana. We went to the GOLDEN SUNSHINE HOTSPRING RESORT 4 * Hotel.
 •  5 years ago
Adventures in Chinese!
Chinese Adventure! Have you always dreamed of going on a space trip to another planet, but intergalactic flights are not for you? Now there is a great solution - just buy tickets to China!
 •  6 years ago
How to organize your own trip to China
China alone Traveler welcome! If you are reading this story, then perhaps you are preparing to embark on an unforgettable and grandiose journey. Here is some technical information about how we prepared.
 •  6 years ago
Holiday trip to China
Holiday trip to China Fly with Marina to China - A completely unfamiliar land for us. And immediately we found ourselves on the sea And shed tears of delight. It's beautiful, no doubt, But what is the mentality of the Chinese?
 •  6 years ago
Don't worry or go to the bathhouse! China-2017. Part 23. We pass to water procedures.
Guangzhou 2017-06-14 14 14 14 14 14 14 . p> At four o'clock in the morning we sit on the steps of a luxurious sauna and smoke. Or rather, I smoke, and Nadia patiently waits until the cigarette smoke puts my brain in order and I can speak normal Chinese, and not just swearing Russian.
 •  6 years ago
Don't worry or go to the bathhouse! China-2017. Part 22. China is beautiful, China is terrible.
Yangshuo - Guangzhou 2017-06-13 . br /> Of course I love contrasts. After candy, eat a piece of herring, for example. Or wash your hair with ice water, if you suddenly run out of hot water.
 •  6 years ago
Don't worry or go to the bathhouse! China-2017. Part 21. Bamboo to Horses.
Yangshuo - Xingping - Yangshuo 2017-06-12 . > Quick reference: Bamboois a raft made of bamboo, which is used by tourists, and fishermen with cormorants hunt fish on it.
 •  6 years ago
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