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Baltic autumn. Part 3. Finland
Baltic Autumn. Part 1. Latvia>>> Baltic Autumn. Part 2. Estonia>>> It is simply impossible to stay in Tallinn for a few days - and not go to Helsinki alone. Especially given the lack of low-cost flights from Kiev to Helsinki and the cost of hotels in the Finnish capital.
 •  4 years ago
Mi-mi-bear Lappeenranta from a leisurely grandmother
I love visiting Finns for peace, tranquility, relaxation and, of course, red fish and caviar. I can’t visit often (distance, so to speak), but once a year I try to visit.
 •  5 years ago
With Santa in Rovaniemi)))
Good afternoon everyone! And happy new year! T. Since there are very few stories about trips to Lapland to see Santa, I decided to replenish this baggage) We all believe in fairy tales, even if we are no longer children at all) But we still want a miracle, but with the only difference that we are...
 •  5 years ago
Finland!!! Oh, how many vague impressions!!!
When you land in Helsinki, the first thing that surprises you is the landscape outside the porthole window. He is mesmerizing. Huge boulders and yellow grass. All this happened at the end of April.
 •  5 years ago
Imatra (Finland) for a couple of hours
Finland in April for a little while (it just so happened). Instead of good 3-5 Finnish days, I got only one (with departure from St. Petersburg). Not upset - it's better than just being at home).
 •  6 years ago
The whole family in winter Vuokatti!
Each of us must see Youlupukki at least once. It is best to recover from him in the winter, at this time he is always there and gives gifts. It is necessary to go to Vuokatti, here you can not only see the Finnish Santa, but also have a good rest with the whole family, gain strength and inspiration...
 •  6 years ago
Stories of the City of Helsinki
Everyone has a city where he wants to return again and again, at any time of the year, in any weather. Cities, like people, tend to change sometimes more, sometimes less, but still something in them remains unchanged.
 •  6 years ago
One day trip to Finland in Lappeenranta
Not even a story. Yes, note) Good day, forum users. It so happened that I was in St. Petersburg for work, but not as long as last year (
 •  7 years ago
Holidays in Finland
*Smiled. Something pulls me lately to short forms of rest. No matter how you get used to it)) So. I decided to go to Finland for three days, while the Finair company pampers us on a direct flight from our city.
 •  8 years ago
Weekend to the Scandinavians by ferry + bus
It so happened that I was in St. Petersburg for work. The city itself is magnificent, you can come there often, but still it remains a half-read book - you can’t get around and travel around everything.
 •  8 years ago
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