19. Re-spoke and wheel alignment. (Buzet - Rijeka)

12 august 2017 Travel time: with 29 July 2017 on 29 July 2017
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Chronology with details :

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18. Croatian capital of active tourism. Food hack (Croatian border - Buzet)

19. Re-spoke (Buzet - Rijeka)

Vanya was able to re-spoke the wheel, but the number of eights and the quality of the spokes left much to be desired. Riding on such a wheel meant further ruining the bike. Therefore, after spending the night with our saviors, in the morning it was customary to go by bus to the city of Rijeka.

From Buzet to Rijeka is only 51km, but the bus ticket for us and the bike turned out to be a very impressive sum (30 euros). Daniel recommended to go to the railway station, from which the so-called "trainbus" departs in the summer. The fact is that due to the lack of a large number of people to use electric trains, a bus is launched in the summer that will take you to any station you need at the price of rail transport. And so we did. Quickly gathering and racking our brains, we rushed to the neighboring village in order to catch the bus. After all, they went twice a day and did not want to waste time waiting for the bus.

Here again, thanks to Daniel. He drove us to the station and thanks to his call, the bus waited for us, despite the delay.

This and another case showed the adequacy, professionalism and understanding of the Croatian population. What am I, the controller on the bus, having learned about our problem, wasting my time and nerves, trying to find the best and most comfortable way out for us. While we were driving, she called up all the bike shops in the city of Rijeka, explained our problem and asked them to come to us. No one had this opportunity, after consulting with the driver, they drove us as close as possible to the workshop we needed.

From the landing site to the desired workshop was 200m. Having comfortably settled down under the highway at the bus stop, I remained on guard of things, and Vanya, meanwhile, went to repair the long-suffering wheel))))))

After spending half a day on this, we spent the evening on the nearest beach.

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