Great holiday in Croatia

09 July 2019 Travel time: with 22 June 2019 on 03 July 2019
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We decided to go to Croatia by car. For us, such a trip is for the first time, so we watched a lot of videos in advance, but in the end, all the same, we learned everything only from our own experience. Initially, we planned to spend five days in Croatia and five days in Montenegro. In Croatia, we visited different cities and towns, there is a lot of housing, everything can be found on the spot. Rates on average from 30 euros / night for two. We stayed in the town of Promaina in a private hotel Turich, rented an apartment with a kitchen, shower, toilet. Everything is clean, a balcony overlooking the sea, the hosts are friendly and unobtrusive. The town is quiet, small and calm. Lots of housing for rent. The contingent of vacationers is decent. Several pebble beaches, very clean sea, there are several cafes. There are beaches for nudists. Pine trees grow right on the beach, under which you can hide from the sun during the day. Shady alleys along the sea. The aromas of herbs, trees and the sea are just incredible! All people are friendly, regardless of whether they are locals or vacationers. We did not sit still and rode on different beaches and towns. As a result, I can say that Promaina is ideal for a quiet holiday. If there is no car or desire to ride and you want to choose one place where there are beaches and evening entertainment, then this is Baska Voda. If you need a sandy beach, then this is the town of Omiš . But keep in mind that Omis is quite shallow. In addition, the mountain river Cetina flows into the sea, which makes the water cool for swimming in the evening. After five days in Promaina, we left for Montenegro and I must say that, although late in the evening, we returned to Promaina again. We did not like it in Montenegro at all. The nature is beautiful, but the cities are very fussy, tall buildings are being built along the beaches, blocking the view, a lot of garbage, a lot of cars. In small settlements, housing is high above the sea and it is very difficult to go down to the sea. The only town that turned out to be the most attractive was the town of Chan. There is a sandy beach and buildings are located on a more flat area. The town is surrounded by mountains, which pleases the eye. That's just a decent part of the beach is full of paid sunbeds and umbrellas, and on the free part there are a lot of people and not very clean. That is why we returned to Croatia and continued our vacation there, in the same apartments. The holiday was really a success, we liked everything and now we boldly recommend Croatia as a place to relax to our relatives and friends.

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