8. TandemTravelers: Dangerous Zagreb. Delicious street. The fall. (road Novi Marof - Zagreb)

12 august 2017 Travel time: with 26 July 2017 on 26 July 2017
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Chronology with details:

1. Who are they? Why do they need it? (travel plan)


2. Ukrainian visa-free for cyclists. What, like our experience (crossing the Ukraine-Verngria border)


3. Cult of farms in Hungary (road to Budapest, 2 days)


4.1st 100km per day, night ride attempt, safety ditch (road to Budapest, 3d)


5. Police provocation and first problems with the knee (road to Budapest, 4 days)


6. July 17th. Budapest. Day - excursion. Scale, extraordinary people (1st capital)


7. City of Velence with lake and sailing school. Lake Balaton, Friday evening (road Budapest - Velense - Lake Balaton)


8. Epic trip with combines. Hungarian-Croatian border and turbo oven! (Fr. Balaton - Letenui)


9. Croatia. Kind people, delicious beer and English-language TV) (Croatian border - Novi Marof - Teplicica)


Nuts and rearranging the trailer to another fixture! (Novi Marof)

11. Dangerous city of Zagreb. Delicious street. Fall (Novi Marof - Zagreb)

12. Slovenian gem. Vegetarian farm (Zagreb - Gorná Pohanca)


13. A sharp descent + tandem + trailer = sticky brakes and their complete failure (Mountain Pohanca - Ljubljana)


14. Beautiful night Ljubljana (Ljubljana)


15. Italy, Adriatic Sea, descent at 16%! Overnight on the beach without a tent (Ljubljana - Sezana - Trieste)


16. Beginning of the Adriatic. Italy - Slovenia. Heat 42" (Trieste - Slovenia)

17. Descent. Mountain serpentine without brakes. Worn sneaker. Hitchhiking with tandem (Slovenia - Croatia, Buzet)

18. Croatian capital of active tourism. Food hack (Croatian border - Buzet)

Slight step back)

Katya has already written about Zagreb, but not all the "beautiful" details.

In a nutshell: we didn't like the city.

All vision is purely from his own, bicycle bell tower.

The tram is very developed as a public transport. This is a plus for people - it is quiet, environmentally friendly, and so on. For cyclists, it's HELL.

A bunch of rails that cross the roadway, not always at right angles. Bicycle paths, of which there are not many, are also built according to the ragul and again cross the rails in 60-70% of cases not at right angles.

If there is no bike path, then either ride along the sidewalk, where there are a lot of passers-by and for some reason very arrogant and boorish, or along the road where the rails are again)

+ all hatches (vodatelekomm) are not flush with the roadway. Sometimes the difference is a few millimeters, but more often it is 1-4 centimeters.

Summing up, we get a dangerous city)

We "distinguished ourselves" again)

Putting the bag in the storage room (15 kusutki = 2 euros), fastening the trailer with 2 locks to the bike parking at the station, we went for a ride around Zagreb in tandem.

After a little twisting around the center, we stopped at the gastronomic street. All in pubs cafes and so on. The prices are normal, they don’t hurt much, especially if you choose places where a lot of people sit.

Several times a day it started to rain, we either rode under it or waited while drinking coffee.

Toward evening, I had to go to a friend of Dario's for a check-in. We sat down and took off in the mustang. BUT, it started to rain again and then we felt all the "charms" of this city described above.

Driving in the rain between the tram tracks, in order not to fly into a hatch that was 3-5 cm below the asphalt level, I decided to try to sharply cross the wet rails. The angle wasn't enough...

Fall. I have a worn elbow, soiled jersey.

Katya has a skinned thigh, a soiled jersey, a bruised shoulder and a fear of riding in the rain.

If there is a choice whether to go to Zagreb - I would not advise. After Budapest, this is not a capital, but a paradise. some center. But maybe I haven't seen much. . .

The next couple of years, I definitely won’t return to it, this is not my city)

p. s. jerseys that our friends from KM Wear made for us survived the drops without problems. They didn’t even mess around, but Katyukhin’s patterns didn’t come off. Quality - price - durability, everything is in the best traditions of KM)

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