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New York - Amsterdam - Berlin - Kharkiv transit
This little trip wouldn't be so "exciting" if it weren't for the current situation. We traveled in early July when the Netherlands and Germany were still closed to tourism.
 •  3 years ago
Prague-Valencia country-Amsterdam (through the eyes of a leisurely grandmother)
Spain called me (again and two years later). Tickets were bought two months in advance, from us - through Prague to Valencia (bypassing Moscow) and back - through Amsterdam.
 •  5 years ago
Introduction to Holland.
For a long time we were going to visit this interesting country and this ancient city, and finally such an opportunity presented itself. Let us have only 3 days, but for acquaintance and, so to speak, a general idea, this was quite enough.
 •  5 years ago
The Netherlands is working Rotterdam, ruling The Hague and walking Amsterdam! (continuation)
Start here >>> Amsterdam - the most fun and free capital of Europe, a magical city of canals, bridges, coffee shops and stunning architecture of the Dutch Golden Age! To fully experience the flavor of Amsterdam standing on the water, you need to stay at the Amstel Botel 3* at NDSM –Pier3.
 •  6 years ago
The Netherlands is working Rotterdam, ruling The Hague and walking Amsterdam!
Netherlands means "low lands" as most of this small country is below sea level. It would seem that everything should be in the water, but when you land at Schiphol Airport, which is four meters below sea level, you find that it is absolutely dry there.
 •  6 years ago
How we walked around Utrecht
"Great architecture is the greatest evidence of human greatness" F. Wright First time I I heard about Utrecht when, after talking with a charming Dutchman, I asked where he was from.
 •  6 years ago
New Year holidays in Amsterdam SUPER
Had a GREAT time in this beautiful city!!! A small and cozy city - the capital of the Netherlands. It beckons with its mystery and interesting places))) It is rich in history, architecture like this has never been seen in this city.
 •  6 years ago
The Hague in one day!
"Allocated" to this city, one day! Moving in a rented car from Amsterdam, we did not notice how we arrived at the place! They started their acquaintance with Scheveninger, that is, from the beach!
 •  7 years ago
One day in Rotterdam
So, it turned out, and probably for the best, that we spent only one day in Rotterdam! The most important event for us was a football match in the evening! Well, everything is in order.
 •  7 years ago
Journey through Western Europe 2017. Belgium
Belgium Part 1. Poland and the Netherlands Part 2. Paris Part 3. Belgium We called this part of the trip “Beer Tour”. Still, Belgian beer is cool. And in general, so many things have already been sung about the beauties of distant Belgium that we can’t wait to see it.
 •  7 years ago
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